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*Gizmos Book Reviews* Inner Demon (The Asylum Tales #3.3) by Jocelynn Drake

**I received this book for free from Harper Voyager Impulse via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**


Gage is a powerful warlock in Low Town, where elves, faeries, trolls, goblins, and vampires walk free among humanity. But there are two dangerous entities murdering families and children, and Gage needs to stop them before anybody else gets hurt.

When Gage discovers a demon locked away it offers him access to dark magic in exchange for its freedom – a dangerous opportunity, but one that could save his loved ones. Gage must choose between what is right and what is easy … except he’s running out of time.

*My Thoughts*

Inner Demon is the final part to The Asylum Tale's serial finale. The other parts are Demon's Fury and Demon's Vow. Inner Demon picks up right where Demon's Vow left off. Warlock/Tattoo Artist Gage Powell's world has been teetering on the brink of disaster for some time now because of his desire to protect the two most important people in his life. He's made some really bad choices that have nearly cost him everything that he's worked hard for. The question remains, will Gage give in to powerful temptations, or will he find a way to save his town from powerful beings set to reign hell down on Low Town? Will he finally defeat the Ivory Towers, or will they destroy him once and for-all?

If you have read The Asylum Tales from the beginning, you know that Gage has had pretty interesting relationship with the mysterious Chang and his Doberman Pinschers. Chang has always been a curious character for me to figure out. What exactly is he? Does he have some unknown powers we haven't seen yet? Where did he get all the powerful magical artifacts that he keeps? How will he feel once he figures out that Gage is a Warlock and back working for the Ivory Tower? Answer given, but I will not spoil it for you. In fact, it makes perfect sense because Drake had previously discussed certain powerful beings who presumably don't exist thanks to the Tower.

I don't much care for the ending to this story and series for my own reasons. Others may find nothing wrong with the way things are left. I hate that Drake expects us to just be happy with it, and not demand more answers, or at least a wrap up novella from either Bronx, Gideon, or even Trixie's POV. There are so many loose ends that I must have answers! Readers can expect a wrap up with the nasty, horrific villains who have left a trail of dead bodies in their wake. You can also expect answers as to why the MAIN villain is doing what he is doing, and what HE is. Cryptic enough for you?

These are just a tip of the questions I have for Author Drake:

What happens next to Trixie and Gage? Will Gage ever defeat the Ivory Towers and gain his desired freedom?  Gage owes 2 years of his life to Lilith, will he rise up and defeat her or become one of her pawns? Will Bronx take over Gage's Tattoo business, or will he find something else to do? Will Gage's fateful decision towards the end of this book, come back to haunt him forever? Will Gideon or Trixie ever forgive Gage for his actions in stopping the villains? Will Gage let Trixie go, and find happiness with Serah instead?

I am in no way attacking the author. I just disagree with the way she handled the final installments of this series. I think there was plenty of room to expand on what happens next. There is an Epilogue to this story, but nothing is settled except for my adoration towards Serah remains strong. In fact, I think Serah shows more gumption, heroism, and backbone than either Gideon or Trixie combined.

In the end, The Asylum Tales was an interesting Urban Fantasy series filled with elves, goblins, vampires, warlocks and witches, powerful Lost Ones, and a tattoo artist who has tried to hide what he is from the town he calls home. I am a bit disappointed that the kids Gideon and Gage rescued from the Tower didn't have their own curtain call. Perhaps, just perhaps, Drake will find a moment in the future to come back and allow readers access to what happened after the ending of Inner Demon.

Author - Jocelynn Drake
Title - Inner Demon (The Asylum Tales #3.3)
Published by Harper Voyager Impulse
Releases: October 28, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: E-Book, 96 pages

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  1. Ooh nice! Sad to hear that there are sooo many unanswered questions! I've had that happen to me before in other finales. Kind of makes me scared to read this serial now, but still will. Plus I totally can't remember what was happening in Low Town from the last book. Remember Gage's brother was in the mix and I think things wrapped up nicely and basically set us up this final book/serial.

    Guess I'll just have to wait and see! Still going to wait for all three to be released before reading them. Just bought/preordered them last night! Again, great review!