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*Gizmos Early Reviews* City of Eternal Night (Crescent City #2) by Kristen Painter

**I received this book for free from Hachette/Orbit in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**


Still coming to terms with their unexpected partnership, Augustine and Harlow have a tentative truce. With Harlow slowly working to accept being fae, Augustine still learning how to be Guardian, and feelings growing on both sides though, they do not have an easy road ahead.

But when a young girl is stolen from the Mardi Gras Exemplar Ball -- the biggest far event of the year -- Harlow and Augustine must put all their issues aside to bring her home alive. Harlow's father, Braziano, is of course their number one suspect, but evil lurks in every corner of the city and time is running out. Their only choices: Either find a way to rescue the girl, or Augustine must die.

*My Thoughts*

City of Eternal Night is the sequel to House of the Rising Sun which means events of this book, pick up right where House left off. If you've read Painter's Comarre series, you know that she has created a pretty unique, and interesting world which takes place in the not too distant future (2068). Supernaturals like vampires, fae, and shifters have come out and live closely with humans, especially in places like New Orleans where the Fae rule the city.

Harlow Goodwin spent her entire life refusing to accept her heritage, instead choosing to live as a human where she was really good with computers. Ever since she moved to New Orleans, and lost her mother Olivia, Harlow has come to accept more about who she really is. Her fae abilities allow her to manipulate machines and feel emotions, good or bad, from those she touches. Her abilities have also changed since we first met her, and one can only believe they will continue to manifest even more.

Harlow also learned about her father Joseph Branzino who is truly an evil man through and through and has refused to give in to his demands. Her relationship with Augustine has slowly gained traction, not unlike Chrysabelle and Malcolm in the Comarre series. I think that they were moving in the right direction until Harlow's game changing choice throws everything into chaos.

I will say that after House, I was a bit curious to see whether or not Harlow grew up as a character. She does in many ways, her powers, while not in other ways. She definitely becomes more involved in things, and doesn't just sit in the background. But, in the end, it is her choice that causes more harm than good.

Guardian/shadeux/smokesinger fae Augustine Robelias has lived an interesting life. Never really given a chance to succeed by his mother, he found love, support, and a home in the form of actress Olivia Goodwin and Lally her companion of many years. Now that Augustine is the Guardian, his past sexual exploits have been put behind him to concentrate on learning how to be the Guardian of the city.

Augustine faces a difficult challenge when the daughter of the Prime is kidnapped, and the only way she goes free, is if Augustine does something risky and dangerous. I really do like Augie. I think he's a straight up badass and willing to do anything to help Harlow succeed and learn about being a Fae while attempting to uncover plots against him and the fae. I also like the fact that he's far from perfect as a character, but truly does mean well in his actions. If will be fascinating to read about how he deals with Harlow's bad choice.

There really are lots of others things to discuss, especially Giselle's megalomaniac behavior and power plays, Harlow's new abilities, the powerful artifact that has been kept a secret for a reasons, and Lally's connection to said artifact. But, I prefer not to spoil things for future readers. I am glad that one particular challenge has been resolved and not still hanging around taking up story space.

I have to say that of all the secondary characters, Lally is by far my favorite with Fenton, and Dulcinea close behind. Interesting to once again see Chrysabelle, Malcolm, and Mortalis appear in this installment although I am not surprised.

Orbit will be releasing Garden of Dreams and Desires April 7th 2015.

Author - Kristen Painter
Title - City of Eternal Night
Series - Crescent City # 2
Published by Hachette/Orbit
Released date: December 2, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback, 436 pages

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