Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#Tuesday Review - Slavemakers by Joseph Wallace (Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic)

Format: Paperback, 384 pages
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: ACE 
Source: Publisher
Genre: Science Fiction


Twenty years ago, venomous parasitic wasps known as “thieves” staged a massive, apocalyptic attack on another species—Homo sapiens—putting them on the brink of extinction.  

But some humans did survive. The colony called Refugia is home to a population of 281, including scientists, a pilot, and a tough young woman named Kait. In the African wilderness, there’s Aisha Rose, nearly feral, born at the end of the old world. And in the ruins of New York City, there’s a mysterious, powerful boy, a skilled hunter, isolated and living by his wits.  

As the survivors journey through the wastelands, they will find that they are not the only humans left on earth. Not by a long shot.

But they may be the only ones left who are not under the thieves’ control...

"Humans are the only species that kills because their feelings are hurt."

Joseph Wallace's Slavemakers is actually the sequel to 2013's Invasive Species, but some 20 years into the future. The world as we know is it, no longer exists. A venomous parasite species known as Thieves, have taken over the world, and decimated the population. The Thieves have made slaves out of the human race, and only a small number of humans remain untouched by the massive attacked that tore apart humanity thanks to a vaccine made from a rare plant.

Welcome to Refugia, Africa, population 281. It is an eclectic group of people from old to youngsters born Refugia was formed. People like Malcolm Granger, Kaitlin Gilliard, Clare Shapiro, Sheila and Trey Gilliard who all appeared in the first book, and now are itching to travel beyond their borders to not only to find out if any humans remain alive, but to for Malcolm's daughter Chloe who stayed behind. For Kait, it is also a chance to find out what her adoptive Trey father saw after being infected by the Thieves. 

Slavemakers is a journey of sorts, but it doesn't always use the Refugia characters to tell the story. The most active, and most interesting character in this book is Aisha Rose Atkinson who is a different kind of human. She's spent her entire life with her mother mostly in Kenya. She was exposed to and survived the Thieves virus somehow. Unlike the Refugia colonists, she is not only immune to the Thieves, but she has been able to survive while others, like her own mother, are called home.

I have to say that everything that happens to Aisha in this story, was the reason I continued to read the book. I wanted to know what made her so different from others. I wanted to know what her connection was with a mysterious boy with the face we never see, or the name we are never given, but is extremely important to what happens in the story. I loved Aisha's connection with Jason and yes, Kait who writes the Epilogue. I wanted to know what went through Kait's mind when she made what I thought was a stupid choice, but also brave.

I would definitely say that it would help to have read Invasive Species first so that you understand about the "Thieves" who destroyed humanity as we now know it, and the survivors who once again appear in this story. I don't see any need for a sequel since most of the storyline has been fully wrapped up. However, there is always a chance that Wallace might surprise us since there more than a few journey's that can be taken by Malcolm and his crew.

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