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#Friday Review - Boundary Born by @MelissaFOlson (Urban Fantasy) #47North

Series: Boundary Magic # 3
Format: E-Galley, 290 pages
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Publisher: 47North
Source: Publisher
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Something wicked is at work in Colorado’s supernatural community. Vampires are being paralyzed or killed with poison…a weapon favored by witches. This offense threatens to break apart the already-fractured alliance between witches and the undead.
The state’s cardinal vampire, Maven, summons boundary witch Allison “Lex” Luther to stop the killing before it ignites a war. Lex has barely started investigating when she gets another surprise: the biological father she’s never met arrives on her doorstep. He has answers to all of Lex’s questions about her bloodline, but getting those answers could mean betraying the life she’s already built.
Then the next vampire is poisoned—and this time it’s Maven herself. The new evil that hunts Lex is powerful and ruthless enough to stop the strongest supernatural creature in the state. In order to find such a killer, Lex will have to face down her own birthright and call on every ally—both living and dead.

Boundary Born is the third installment in author Melissa F. Olson's Boundary Magic series. The series features US Army Veteran Allison "Lex" Luther as a powerful Boundary Witch who works for Maven, the Vampire Cardinal of Colorado. This story actually takes place SIX months after the end of Boundary Lines. Things have calmed down for Lex, Quinn, Simon, Maven, and Lily since facing a near revolution intent on destroying the peace. This gives Lex the opportunity to tell her brother in law about Old World and the part his 2 year old daughter Charlie plays in it.

There hasn't been all that much to worry about the near revolution against Maven. That is why when strange occurrences arise around Colorado, you know it's only the tip of things to come. Lex and Quinn must investigate Vampires being poisoned by Belladonna, while Lex and Lily find themselves being attacked by a out of control fox. After being sent to Denver to investigate, Lex and Quinn are attacked by vampires who seem to be intent on capturing Lex. 

Things take an even more strange path when Lex gets an unusual visit from a man named Emil Jasper. Emil claims that he is her biological father and that her mother was also a boundary witch like Lex. As someone who was adopted as a baby along with her twin Sara, this comes as something of a wake up call. As does the fact that Maven is targeted with being eliminated. But what will really blow Lex's mind is when an even more dangerous entity known as a draugr shows up and demands that she come away with him or else everyone she loves will end up dead.

Lex gets more than she bargained for in this book. She not only learns about her mother, and where her magic came from, but apparently Sara knows more than she is able to say. Kind of frustrating, but not so much to turn me off. Meanwhile, on another front, Lex and Quinn have taken the next step in their relationship. Although I'm always curious about the human & vampire relationship that eventually ends up with the human being turned, this doesn't have the same feeling. Lex is her own person and she is more than capable of taking care of herself and others.  

Boundary Born is the temporary last book in this series. As the author has told readers, she is taking a break and going back to writing the Scarlett Bernard series. A series I haven't had the chance to read yet. Both series are told in the same universe where Old World hides right under the surface from that of the Human world. I do hope that Olson comes back to Lex's world sooner, rather than later. Although I must say that after this book, Lex definitely deserves a bit of a break from being Maven's go to soldier. I really would like a bit more information about Lex's mother and whether or not Lex gets revenge on the group that collects boundary witches.

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