Friday, November 11, 2016

#Saturday Review - Shades of Honor by Sandy Williams (#Science Fiction, #Romance) @Williams_Sandy

Series: Anomaly # 2
Format: Kindle, 275 pages
Release Date: November 3, 2016
Publisher: Sandy Williams 
Source: Purchase, Amazon
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

She won her freedom. Can she win a war?

Commander Rhys Rykus is facing court martial. With his career on the line, he’s ordered to keep his distance from the brainwashed Ash and protect her from afar, but sinister elements threaten her safety. He accepts a new mission that puts them on the same warship, knowing it will take all his self-control to fight his feelings for her.

Lieutenant Ramie Ashdyn is no stranger to fighting for her life. Still under the influence of the Coalition’s brainwashing, she cares little for her own safety. She merely wants to protect the Coalition… and reconnect with Rykus.

Rykus knows how important Ash is to keeping all of them alive, but the target on her back is enormous. Will the growing threat to the Coalition take down Ash and Rip’s only shot at love?

Shades of Honor, by author Sandy Williams, is the second installment in the Anomaly series. Having faced prison time, been accused of murder, treason, and brainwashed by a powerful telepath, Lieutenant Ramie "Ash" Ashdyn has a new leash on life. The only problem is that that leash is tight since she is considered dangerous. Assigned to a new team, lead by Major Liles, Ash finds herself protecting politicians on Meryk. 

Meanwhile, Commander Rykus aka RIP (rest in peace), her lover, and mentor, is under investigation charged with some pretty serious violations of rules he sword to uphold. Rykus has tried hard to stay away from Ash because they are inclined to do crazy things in crazy places. Their romance is blistering hot, and there are others watching them for clues as if they can be fully trusted or not. If you haven't read the first novel in this story, Shades of Treason, please go back and do so.

This story concerns one main issue: The Coalition's enemy, the Sariceans, are open to negotiations even after a bitter battle that destroyed the Coalitions capital. This means that Rip, Ash, and her new teammates have to fly to a former outpost with Prime Tersa along for the ride. There is a side trip to Javery that must be made as well. That side trip means that Rip gets a reunion with his family. That side trip means that Ash, who is able to tell when someone is messing with her mind, a chance to prove herself to her team, and to Tersa even though Ash loves to go alone.  

There's no reason to expect that you will understand previous actions and storylines without knowing why Ash and Rip are in the position they are now, and why they've been told they have to say away from each other. Ash is an anomaly. She is badass. She's stronger, faster, and more skilled than normal humans. She has to take regular boosters that help her heal, and keep her sane. She also underwent loyalty training that pretty much ensures that she will continue her mission until the very end. Even if that end means her death.

There are some additional positives for this story. There are interesting new secondary characters like Rip's sister Taya who tries to pull Ash into an even more quirky situation. There is the crpty anomaly Kaylee Teal who we didn't meet in the first book, but readers knew this person was responsible for tracking Ash down when she is on the run. She's really, really good folks. Plus, we get the highs, and lows of meeting Ash's new team including Hauch, and Mandell who have been told the good and the bad about Ash. 

I love these two together. I love that there are obstacles and barricades that have been thrown in the way of their happiness, but Ash is the one who excels at finding ways to drive Rip crazy. She can itch his scratch any day of the week, and readers will be blown away by the scorching romance they are involved in. I loved the ending where Rip pretty much tells everyone that he and Ash are together, Have to say that Ash's revelation regarding her home planet of Glory is intriguing. So intriguing, in fact, that Williams left us with a compelling urge to ensure that we pick up the next book in the series to find out what happens next. 

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