Friday, January 6, 2017

#Friday Review - Forever Wilde by @jennstark #Urban Fantasy

Series: Immortal Vegas # 6
Format: Kindle, 260 pages
Release Date: December 27, 2016
Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Source: Amazon
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Nothing lasts forever...if you're lucky. 
Life has never been smoother for Tarot-reading artifact hunter Sara Wilde. With a worldwide criminal organization at her beck and call, she can finally secure the safety of the youngest and most vulnerable members of the psychic community. Sure, she's been banged up a little, and the Magician's most recent attempts to heal her turned her temporarily immortal. But otherwise...things are coming up roses.

Then Sara discovers an enclave of psychic children whose DNA has been dangerously altered, making them the hottest targets on the planet for traffickers. A new strain of technoceutical drugs is flooding the arcane black market, and powerful Connecteds, the Arcana Council, and even Interpol are intent on discovering its source. To protect the children and her House, Sara joins the hunt. What she discovers, however, causes her to question everything she knows about the war on magic and her own deeply-buried motivations.

Still reeling from those revelations, Sara reluctantly partners with the Magician to find and retrieve the most elusive member of the Council, the Hanged Man. Working together far too closely for comfort, Sara learns a series of startling truths about the mercurial, exasperating, and manipulative Magician--including one secret that could finally give her the answers she most craves...if it doesn't destroy her first.

Forever Wilde is the Sixth installment in author Jenn Stark's Immortal Vegas series. Series narrator & protagonist Sara Wilde's life has gotten a whole lot more interesting & complex since the release of Aces Wilde. Sara, who uses Tarot cards to search for dangerous artifacts, and even missing children, has become head of the House of Swords, and something even more than she could have imagined; Immortal.

This means that Sara has an even higher profile which puts a larger target on her back. Going from one of the best artifact hunters in the world, to working for Armaeus aka The Magician of the Arcane Council, to becoming Head of the House of Swords, hasn't exactly been a smooth ride. One of the main storylines of Forever Wilde is Sara's determination to get to the bottom of the production of technoceuticals that were heavily invested in by Sara's predecessor Annika Soo.

This determination to uncover what Soo was up to, puts her directly into the path of Scotland Yard who lures Sara to France where things become even more twisted and mysterious. Technoceuticals is a nasty, but lucrative business venture that has a fair number of adversaries involved in it, and a growing market for the product. The main drawback is that the main ingredient just happens to be those that Sara has sworn to protect: Connected Children. 

Due to Sara's ability to astral travel, she is charged with finding the Hanged Man of the Council. What Sara finds out is that the Hanged Man is actually Nikola Tesla. Yes, that Nikola Tesla. With the war on magic getting even closer to encapsulating everyone that Sara knows, including Nikki and Brody in it, bringing the Hanged Man back into the fold and back on the Council may be the most important & dangerous mission yet. Uncovering even more important tidbits about Sara's past, testing out her new abilities that come with her Immortality, and her relationship with Armaeus with goes from hot to steamy, adds even more depth to the story.

Sara is one of my favorite characters because she has a heart of gold when it comes to the most innocent of our world; children, and she continues to grow as a character because she doesn't run away like a shrinking violet whenever there is trouble brewing. A whole lot of things have happened to Sara over the past Six novels. She truly needs to figure out not only the motivations behind Armaeus and the Council, but where she stands now that the whole world seems to be paying attention to what she does next.  

Forever Wilde once again covers a whole lot of ground as with the previous installments. Stark doesn't just sit still with one storyline, she mixes several important ones together and then leaves you with determination to read the next installment. There will be another book releasing in the Spring of 2017 called Wilde Childe which I will dutifully head for Amazon to add to my collection. If you haven't read this series yet, or have but haven't got this far, I encourage you to pick up the series and enjoy the ride.

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