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Wednesday #Review - The Last Descendant by Megan Haskell #Fantasy @MeganPHaskell ‏

Series: Sanyare Chronicles # 1
Format: Kindle, 312 pages
Release Date: August 1, 2016
Publisher: Trabuco Ridge Press
Source: Amazon
Genre: Fantasy

A woman torn between honor and survival…
Raised in a realm where humans are no better than slaves, Rie Lhethannien has struggled for decades to earn a meager post in the High Court messenger service. Even training as an elite fighter isn’t enough to earn the respect she craves. Scorned by the high elves who rely on her loyalty, Rie’s closest allies are the fierce carnivorous pixies who travel by her side.
When she’s attacked on a routine delivery by assassins from the enemy Shadow Realm, Rie’s martial prowess keeps her alive…and frames her as a traitor. Facing execution at the hand of an unmerciful king, Rie must forsake her oaths and flee into enemy lands to prove her innocence. With surprising help from a bastard prince and an ambitious blood sidhe, Rie searches for the truth behind the attack. The secrets she uncovers may threaten more than her honor or even her life…for war is looming in the nine faerie realms.
Sanyare: The Last Descendant is the first book in the Sanyare Chronicles, a fast-paced dark fantasy adventure. If you like kick-butt heroines and action-packed fantasy filled with mythological creatures, then you’ll love the first novel in Megan Haskell’s debut series. Start your journey across the nine faerie realms today!

The Last Descendant is the first installment in author Megan Haskell's Sanyare Chronicles series. Protagonist Nuriel (Rie Ree-ay) Lhethannien is a changeling and High Court Messenger who lives in the Elf World known as Upper Realm. She has violet eyes, is fast with a blade, and also experiences premonitions. One of these premonitions saves her life. While delivering a message to Lord Goramen in the human realm, Rie is attacked by (2) Blood Sidhe (vampire) assassins from the Shadow Realm. 

With a bit of help from her mischievously dangerous pixies Hiinto & Niinka, Rie fights off her attackers. (As a side note, if you want to learn more about Rie and the pixies, Pixie Tamer is a good place to start). The question now becomes why? Why was Rie targeted in the first place, and who wants her dead? Or, was it a message to Lord Greg? The unfortunate part is that Rie is now technically in violation of the King's law forbidding any contact with the Shadow Realm. If she reports the incident, she's in trouble, if she doesn't report the incident, she's in trouble. Rock. Hard Place. 

Greg is what's known as a Sanyare, or arbitrator of the realms. He has free reign to travel where ever he pleases.
Greg asks Rie to travel to the Shadow Realm in his place and investigate for him what is happening there and why she was targeted in the first place. If she ends up caught, she will be considered to be an oath breaker and killed immediately. The interesting part? Rie learns that there is more to her than meets the eyes, especially after meeting Prince Daenor, a Fire Elf from the Shadow Guard, and the King's son. 

Rie is a very curious character. She's spent decades in the Upper Realm under the guidance of High Elf Warden Curuthannor, and his mate Lhewen who taught her how to survive. Rie's time in the Shadow Realm proves that Rie is anything but a nobody with no talents. She has to face Dark Elves, a Twisted King and his family, Red Caps, Goblins, and a whole lot more. Along with her trusty Pixies Niinka, Hiinko, Possn, Gikl & Trik, and a new addition named Plink, a female imp, Rie's adventures are highly entertaining, and fast paced and I can't wait to read the sequel!

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