Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday #Review - Wildfire (Hidden Legacy #3) by @ilona_andrews #Paranormal #Romance @avonbooks

Series: Hidden Legacy # 3
Format: E-Galley, 384 pages
Release Date: July 25, 2017
Publisher: Avon
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss
Genre: Paranormal Romance

From Ilona Andrews, #1 New York Times bestselling author, the thrilling conclusion to her Hidden Legacy series, as Nevada and Rogan grapple with a power beyond even their imagination…
Nevada Baylor can’t decide which is more frustrating—harnessing her truthseeker abilities or dealing with Connor “Mad” Rogan and their evolving relationship. Yes, the billionaire Prime is helping her navigate the complex magical world in which she’s become a crucial player—and sometimes a pawn—but she also has to deal with his ex-fiancée, whose husband has disappeared, and whose damsel-in-distress act is wearing very, very thin.
Rogan faces his own challenges, too, as Nevada’s magical rank has made her a desirable match for other Primes. Controlling his immense powers is child’s play next to controlling his conflicting emotions. And now he and Nevada are confronted by a new threat within her own family. Can they face this together? Or is their world about to go up in smoke?

Wildfire is the third and apparent final installment in author Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy series. Wildfire picks up right where White Hot left off. Protagonist Nevada Baylor, of Baylor Investigative Agency, is a powerful truthseeker which is extremely rare in this world. She can tell whether you are telling the truth, or not. She can also crash through your mental barriers and extract information that she needs to do her job. In this installment, Andrews throws Nevada into plenty of twisted situations. 

From the onset, things get really twisted. Connor Rogan's ex fiance Rynda Charles, who is also the daughter of the woman (Olivia) who she helped bring down, asks for help finding her missing husband. This issue drives almost everything that happens in this story, including uncovering some even more nefarious plots and machinations. Notice I said almost. Nevada has another issue that may determine her families future. The arrival of Victoria Tremaine to town. Victoria is Nevada's Grandmother on her father's side. A grandmother that they have been avoiding for years. A Grandmother who is about as dangerous as any villain we've encountered in this series, and in this book.

Nevada makes a choice. After Victoria makes a daring move, Nevada lays out plans for House Baylor becoming a reality. That means that she, and her sisters, and most likely Bern, will need to register, and be put through trials to determine if they are Prime material, or not. I dare say that Nevada's entire family makes this series fun and entertaining to read. From Grandmother Frida, Mother Penelope, Nevada's sisters Catalina and Arabella, and cousins Bernard and Leon who really steps into his own role in this series and not a moment too soon. 

Victoria wants Nevada to become her heir. She won't take no for an answer. Her attempts at controlling Nevada and her sisters. Her machinations at trying to stop Nevada from going through with the trials. But, no worries. Nevada isn't one to let things simmer and bake for long. She wants to protect her family, while the family, including her own sisters, are more than capable of standing up and delivering when someone messes with the family. Even Rogan has learned that lesson the hard way, and continues to learn step by step to the point where Nevada is as powerful and driven as he is. Their connection is like wildfire burning uncontrollably, and the romance is as hot as anything that you've read in this genre.

You really should start from the beginning with Burn for Me so that you don't get lost in translation from what has happened over the course of the previous two novels. Fans of Ilona Andrews know that they can expect paranormal romance the way readers want. There are strong heroines, sexy male leads that make you fawn, tons of humor, as well as a creative world building that always manages to impress no matter if it is this series, or the Kate Daniels series. 

As I posted earlier, and was answered by said author, I really do wish the publisher would have allowed one more story to be written in this series. That's not a slap at the author. Trust me. I absolutely loved the final 2 installments in this series and would have gladly rated this story 5 stars. But, there is one huge plot hole that hasn't been answered. Nevada and Rogan have been chasing after answers, but have come up short time and time again in exposing who the main villain is who has been creating all the chaos. Plus, the epilogue leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Do Nevada and Rogan discover who is behind all the turmoil in Houston? 


  1. No worries, there will be one more either self-published or through Avon. :)

    1. Thank you my dear. I appreciate the response. ::wipes brow::