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Thursday #Review - Abounding Might by @mmcshanewrites #Fantasy #Historical @CuriosityQuills

Series: The Extraordinaries # 3
Format: E-Book
Release Date: October 3, 2017
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Source: NetGalley/Publisher
Genre: Fantasy / Historical

Abounding Might is the third installment of The Extraordinaries

Calcutta, 1813. Lady Daphne St. Clair, who as an Extraordinary Bounder is capable of transporting herself anywhere in the world with a thought, has longed to serve in the Army for years. But an unexpected weakness at the sight of blood makes her responsible for a good man’s death in battle. Unable to serve on the battlefield, Daphne is sent to India to be transportation for the Governor-General’s wife and children. In disgrace, Daphne fears she will never achieve the fame and glory she has worked so hard for.

A chance encounter with Captain Phineas Fletcher, attached to the Honorable East India Company as a troubleshooter and investigator, leads to Daphne being given a new opportunity: help Captain Fletcher discover the truth behind a series of strange occurrences in the town of Madhyapatnam. Daphne is willing to do anything to restore her reputation, even something as small as Captain Fletcher’s investigation. As the days progress, her attachment to the members of the team grows deeper, as does her growing attraction to the captain.

But as Daphne and Captain Fletcher dig deeper into the mystery, the truth turns out to be much more sinister than anyone imagined. Dark currents run deep beneath the pleasant surface of Madhyapatnam, and the echoes of a twenty-year- old story threaten not only the Company’s rule over the town, but the safety and well-being of everyone in it. Soon only Daphne’s talent and courage stand between Madhyapatnam and the evil that threatens to overwhelm it.

Melissa McShane's Abounding Might is the Third installment in the authors’ The Extraordinaires series. The Extraordinaires is an alternate history Regency-era fantasy series that will apparently feature eight different women who have powerful magical talents. In this universe, there are two separate groups of talents: The Corporeal Talents (Mover, Sharper, Scorcher, and Bounder) & The Ethereal Talents (Seer, Speaker, Discerner and Coercer.) Each book follows one woman as she learns to use her magic to change the world.

The series begins in 1812 and, according to the author, will cover the final years of the Napoleonic Wars, culminating in a confrontation with Napoleon himself. If you have read the first two installments, or if you followed my reviews for the first two installments, you will know that Lady Daphne St. Clair appeared in Wondering Sight. Daphne is what the author is calling an Extraordinary Bounder. She can move from one place to another without passing through intervening space. Daphne has a minor issue with blood which was discovered at the end of Wondering Sight. Oh wait, that's not true. 

She has a major issue with blood which causes her to pass out which unfortunately causes the death of a superior officer. Like other Extraordinaires before her, Daphne agreed to a 4-year term of enlistment with the War Office. But, with her "condition," Daphne soon finds herself banished to India, and the East India Company to serve as the Governor-General's wife and children's transport to and from England. But, don't worry your little head that Daphne is going to be stuck as a glorified human transport. The thing you should understand about Daphne is that she wants to have adventures before she finally settles down to marry. 

She is an amazing Bounder who may be the most talented Extraordinary in the War Office. But, she is also prone to being called out for her short stature, and the fact that she is a woman which has been the case for all three women who the author has introduced. Daphne meets the dangerous & charming Captain Phineas Fletcher & ends up getting involved with life or death mystery against the East India Company. She develops a friendship with Miss Bess Henley, Extraordinary Speaker, and perhaps a future that even her parents would be proud of. Her actions in this book are amazing, and she has definitely become a heroine that readers will enjoy reading about. 

McShane has a tendency of introducing the next character in her books before they end up with a story of their own. One could presume that Bess would be the next protagonist, and that would be fine with me. Bess is a really interesting character who is nearly as important to what happens in this book as Daphne and Phin. But, I wouldn't wage money on that just yet. According to the author, she foresees Daphne in future installments as well. That's actually a very good idea.

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