Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday #Review - The Rebels of Gold by Elise Kova #Fantasy

Series: Loom Saga # 3
Format: Hardcover, 523 pages
Release Date: December 5, 2017
Publisher: Keymaster Press
Source: Library
Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy / Epic

A new rebellion rises from the still smoldering remnants of the five guilds of Loom to stand against Dragon tyranny. Meanwhile, on Nova, those same Dragons fight amongst themselves as age-old power struggles shift the political landscape in fateful and unexpected ways. Unlikely leaders vie for the opportunity to shape a new world order from the perfect clockwork designs of one temperamental engineer.

This final installment of USA Today bestselling author Elise Kova's Loom Saga, The Rebels of Gold will reveal the fate of Loom's brilliantly contrasting world and its beloved inhabitants.

The Rebels of Gold is the third and final installment in the Loom Saga by author Elise Kova. The author alternate's her story through four main characters; Arianna, Florence, Cvareh, and Coletta. I am pretty sure the cover is supposed to reflect Florence as we have already had Ari, and Cvareh in the previous two installments. I have a whole lot of mixed feelings about this story and the way it finally wraps up. The most interesting part of this story is the role that Florence wraps herself in and pushes the envelope into being the brightest star in this story.

But, let's start with Arianna first since she is still such a badass and she never stops fighting for those she loves. Ari has seen a whole lot in her life. She's survived against all odds, she's lost friends and lovers, and she became something of a legend. Arianna's story starts right where The Dragons of Nova let off. Ari has returned from Nova after surviving her confrontation with the Dragon King and her fall to Loom where she was found by Mercury Town's King Louie for whom Ari and Florence have done work with before.

Louie now expects a whole lot more from Ari than just bits and pieces. Ari is known as the White Wraith, but she is also the Perfect Chimera with nearly every part of her body replaced by dragon parts. Ari's journey is this book is more or less a supportive role, but don't dismiss or ignore her. She stands back and let's Florence take control yes, but that's because she has more than done enough to hold her head high. Her relationship with Cvareh is barely mentionable for most of the story. I am one who is Ok with this part since both are fighting for their very lives and the lives of others. 

Meanwhile, Florence has united the 5 Loom Guilds for a rare Vicar Tribunal which she hopes to bring everyone together in order to fight for freedom against the Dragons who nearly wiped out the guilds again in the previous installment. Her relationship with Ari is secondary to her desire to fight. While it is nothing like was in the first book, it's because Flo has found her niche. Florence finds herself in a leadership position which really suits her attitude. She also finds herself in a relationship, but that relationship did nothing for me except to prove that we are able to accept nearly everything at this point in life. Florence is the more intelligent, the most fascinating, the character with the most confidence, and the one who can gain the most if the rebellion against the Dragons actually goes their way.

On Nova, Cvareh is about ready to get the shock of his life. Things didn't go the way he thought they would in the previous installment. This shock will drive Cvareh to finally standing up, and as they say, dragon up and show some back bone. Cvareh's relationship with Ari is hot and cold, mostly cold since she has so much going on in helping Florence put together an army that can defeat the dragons. Cvareh real adversary in this story is Coletta. If you haven't read the first two books yet, get moving!

Coletta is the female villains villain. She leaves nothing to chance. She can cut you to the core, and laugh while you bleed out. She's smart, cunning, deceitful, and it appears she's always one step ahead of others. My only regret is that we don't have a final battle between Coletta and Ari which would have been brilliant. 

Overall, I am kind of disappointed with how this story wraps up. Most of the story is preparing for war, with the interspersing of battles on Nova to keep things interesting. I do believe the ending felt a bit rushed. As I said above, I would have loved to see Ari get her revenge on the Dragon King, or face off in a battle to the death match against Coletta. As always, I am impressed by the creativity of the author's world building. Even though Ari wasn't the overall focus of this book, she's still one of my favorite characters.

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