Wednesday, May 29, 2019

#Review -The Phoenix Grail by Helen Savore #Fantasy

Series: The Phoenix Succession # 1
Format: E-Galley
Release Date: June 21, 2019
Publisher: Oberon's Forge Press llc
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Alexandrea’s family descends from King Arthur’s knights, the sole humans who can see the Fae. They’ve worked with Merlin’s forgotten apprentice for generations to stop Fae from leeching life.

Now she is the last, and must follow in the footsteps of the grail knights, seeking the Phoenix grail. Worse, the fae are visiting Earth more, including Alexandrea’s friend Jamie who sees visions predicting his patients deaths.

Can Alexandrea summon the Phoenix in time to regain what her ancestors lost and stop the deaths that plague our world?

The Phoenix Grail is the first installment in author Helen Savore's The Phoenix Succession series. This story actually features several key characters: Moralynn, the so called Phoenix Spark who was an apprentice to Merlin until his demise. Alexandrea Morgan, a Druid who was taken in by Moralynn to be her student and heir apparent. Jamie Penderson, a friend of Alexandrea's as a teen, an accolade of Alexandrea's father, and a trained doctor who has the ability to see phantoms who appear when people die.

This is a different take on the whole Arthurian mythology by adding Odin and Puck to the mix. In this reality, Arthur has not been seen in centuries, but it is hopeful that his return will save humanity. In order for Arthur to return, the Phoenix must rise to take back Arthur's sword which now rests in the hands of Odin. I really did take a chance with requesting and reading this book because I like stories about Arthur, Morgan Le Fey, and Merlin. This is a modern story that features descendants from Author's time fighting to bring peace to humankind while also dealing with Oberon, Puck, the Lady in the Lake and Adhomai who might be ally, or may have an ulterior motive. 

While Moralynn, Alexandrea and Jamie are searching for a way to bring back the Phoenix and balance to the world, there are those who stand in their way. At every avenue, it seems as though someone is one or two steps ahead of them. The conflict between Raebyn (aka Puck) goes back centuries to the point where she lost her life, woke after years in stasis, and found out that everything she cherished was gone. She is remanded to perform the rite of reincarnation to all fae who pass by Odin and Titania.

While Moralynn's memories slowly fade away, and a war is brewing in the fae realms, she's been fighting her own battles to bring back magic to the world and thus saving humankind from being overrun by the Fae. The Fae have all but committed genocide against the Druids leaving only a handful left in this world. With Jamie's help and a bit of surprises along the way, the allies will travel to many historical sights that you can easily look up on the internet to see what their significance was to Arthur and his hopeful return. 

Will I read the sequel? If the author and the publisher release a sequel I will. As I am looking at this on Goodreads right now, there seems not to be any interest in reading this book. I would definitely urge you to rethink not reading this book if you are a fan of Arthurian tales and mythology.

Unfortunately, there are no buy links for this book. If you would like to request the book, look for it on NetGalley.

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  1. saw the title and was curious. just finished a story about a phoenix and loved it, the rogue king by abigail owen
    sherry @ fundinmental