Thursday, October 27, 2022

#Review - Gray Tidings by Hailey Edwards #Fantasy #Contemporary

Series: Black Hat Bureau # 6
Format: Kindle, 283 pages
Release Date: October 18, 2022
Publisher:  Black Dog Books, LLC
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Corpses are vanishing from New Orleans morgues, there’s talk of a sea monster in Lake Pontchartrain, and Hiram Nádasdy is turning the French Quarter upside down in search of a witch with the power to bring the dead back to life.

When the director assigns Rue the case, she suspects he’s sending her hunting all right. For her father, not the creature. Too bad she’s got her hands full with dueling covens, drunk revelers, and a whole lot of pool noodles. Oh. And it’s Mardi Gras. Of course it is. But as the locals say, laissez les bons temps rouler.

Gray Tidings is the Sixth installment in author Hailey Edwards' Black Hat Bureau series. Protagonist Rue Hollis has been promoted to the position of Deputy Director of the Black Hat Bureau after killing the previous holder of the office, and has been outed as the granddaughter of the Director himself. Rue's time as Deputy Director has been that of being tested by underlings, assassins, and that of keeping her temper in check and not go on a killing spree. 

Then, Rue and her team, Asa, Clay, and yes, Colby, are order to travel to New Orleans. New Orleans during Mardi Gras! It seems as though someone has been stealing bodies from the morgue, and there may or may not be a sea monster named Pontchy (named by Clay) who is feasting on the human delicatessen. For Rue, and her team, this feels like a trap. A trap for her. A trap for her father who the director would love to get his hands on. A trap for the girls (Camber and Arden) who work for Hollis Apothecary and are close to Rue.

To make matters even more strange, Aedan, who is Rue's cousin on her demon side, has become infatuated with Arden, like Rue is infatuated by Asa. Nothing is easy for Rue. She's trying hard not to revert to her Black Witch stature which could be bad for everyone. She has a sea monster eating corpses. She has her father who is trying to do the impossible by finding a so called Lazarus witch who may be able to bring back Rue's mother to life. She also has a grimoire that seems to have a mind of its own and appears whenever Rue needs a push.

I loved the participation of the Wargs, Marita and Drew Mayhew who have managed to become part of Rue's life whether she liked it or not. I don't think readers have seen the last of Luca, the woman who saved Saint, and now wants something in return. I am curious as to how long Rue is going to take to decide whose side of the rebellion she is on. The agents of the Black Hat Bureau or those who are trying to destroy what it stands for. I am also liking that Colby is coming in to her own, and is really an important player in this series. I do believe the ending of this story is both sad that one part of Rue's life seems to be over, and hopeful in that Rue has to pretty much turn her back on Sanford, and away from Camber and Arden. 

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