Friday, May 19, 2023

#Review - Ivy Touched and Bronze Blade by Shannon Mayer, Kelly St. Clare #Fantasy #Romance

Series: World of Honey and Ice # 2
Format: Kindle, 350 pages
Release Date: May 22, 2023
Publisher: Hijinks Ink Publishing
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Ripped from the man I’m bound to. Thrust into fresh danger. And this time I must go alone.

Except the task I’m burdened with
should belong to a more powerful fae—my mother. Listening to her brought me to this moment of heartache and loss. Perhaps the time has come for a new approach, no matter the consequences.

With my trusty gold bat, a tormented Aaden, and a potty-mouthed land kelpie for company, I have an oath to uphold before I can untangle the web of deceit and half-truths in this next quest. Because as it turns out, the child thief I defeated was merely a
henchman of the master of darkness. And this master?

He has another henchman.

I barely survived the encounter with the child thief, and with drained bodies dropping from the sky, can I make sense of the magic and ribbons before humans, fae, and the very realms we live in are claimed?

Failure has never been an option. Unfortunately, now it seems like the only one.

Ivy Touched and Bronze Blade is the second installment in co-authors Shannon Mayer and Kelly St. Clare's World of Ice and Honey series. This story takes place 3 years after the original series featuring Kallik and Faolan. Our protagonist, Silver, thought she stopped the darkness and rescued missing children from the Irish Fae Court. She returned the alleged future Queen of all Fae to her mother and put an end to the child thief, but it came with a steep cost. One of their group fell, and another, Aaden, seems to be possessed by an unknown entity. 

To make matters more twisted, Silver's "mother" Underhill has told her that she not only needs to keep her word to the woman that has been attached to her own body (Sigella), but she needs to do it alone. Along with the mouthy land kelpie, Kik, and Orlaith (Orry), Silver arrives in the Court of Queen Hyacinth (aka Cinth) trying to figure out a way to help Sigella, while also facing a darkness that is slowing taking over the land that is supposed to be protected by Underhill. Silver also comes face to face with the Oracle she hates so much only to learn that this Oracle is not who she expected.

This is where things get interesting. We not only learn more about who Silver really is, and BAM! get ready for a shock! but thanks to Kallik and Faolan, she finds that balance in her life, as well in the world, is really important if she has any strategy in fighting the newest darkness. She also finds changes in Underhill that she can’t believe and can’t quite grasp. After all, Underhill is supposed to keep the balance between light and dark, and not it appears that Underhill is in big trouble.

With each “visit” to these places where she is supposed to find key parts of a spell to free Sigella, she learns something new about her mother (aka Underhill), the Oracle, the darkness and herself. After freeing Sigella, another shocking event sends Silver into yet another fight against an even more devastating villain. Silver must put away her anguish and pick up the fight to keep the balance and defeat the darkness. In this fight, Silvers own actions may spell doom for the Fae Realm if she can't rally her inner strength and determination.

I am happy to learn who Silver really is, and what really happened to her 3 years ago after Kallik defeated a threat that could have destroyed the Fae realms and Human world. I honestly was shocked to learn that she and Kallik have had similar struggles to get where they are now. Silver has gone from the wild girl that was captured by Cormac, and has now risen to a place where she knows that her own path is something she has to figure out and not rely on the Oracle or anyone else. While this book does end on a cliffhanger, I would not let that stop you from reading this series. It is action packed, it has plenty of adventure, some really interesting characters, and yes, it is also emotional. 

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