Thursday, August 24, 2023

#Review - Fortune's Ashes by Helen Harper #Fantasy

Series: Firebrand # 7
Format: Kindle, 271 pages
Release Date:  June 23, 2023
Publisher: Helen Harper
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Urban Fantasy

A new power. A new threat. And some very new dangers.

Everything is falling apart. I've been cursed with the ability to catch glimpses of the future. It's a power which Lukas despises but it's one that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm also in trouble at work. Somebody else is claiming that they are the one true phoenix and that my entire existence is built on lies.

At least I have a cold case to investigate which will take my mind off my woes. Investigating the mysterious disappearance of an entrepreneurial gremlin is bound to keep me busy and focused - and surely nothing else is going to go wrong and nobody is going to get hurt.


Fortune's Ashes, by author Helen Harper, is the Seventh and apparently final chapter in the Firebrand series. Detective Constable Emma Bellamy, who works for the Supe Squad keeping the peace between werewolves, vampires, and other paranormals, is not exactly a happy camper. Not when she was passed the powers of the Cassandra by the former Cassandra as she was dying and now she is having flashes of shocking, obscure, confusing, and frightening prophecies. 

Her relationship with Lucas Horvath, who proposed to her 23 days ago, is on the rocks because of his hatred of those who carry the title of Cassandra. And, it seems as though someone is trying really hard to destroy her life one step at a time. First, Emma is suspended by her boss Chief Inspector Lucinda Barnes after after someone alleges that Emma at birth somehow mysteriously stole someone else's powers and this person has hired a lawyer who is normally friendly with Emma. Curious that this pops up now as though someone is trying to get rid of her.

Emma's next problems happen when she gets a vision of a man killing a woman which sends her to the fabled location of the infamous Sherlock Holmes where she witnesses a man stabbing a woman. Coincidentally, the person who was trying to sue Emma, ends up dead thus making her a prime suspect in his murder. This incident pretty much means that Emma has no warrant, and on authorization to work any case until the human cops are done with their investigation. 

Thankfully, it appears that both vampires, as well as the 4 werewolf clans, especially Buffy, are firmly in Emma's court and willing to stand by her. Meanwhile, Emma, who has been looking into a cold case from more than 10 years ago, starts making inquiries. It appears not only were a vampire and a werewolf murdered, but a gremlin who may be related to attorney Phileas Carmichael went missing around the same time. 

Since Emma is suspended from her job, other members of the Supe Squad, Owen and Fred, are targeted as they decide to pick up where Emma left off with the investigation. Emma must put things right with Lukas, especially when she has a shocking announcement to make, while also dealing with someone who appears to want to get rid of her, and blame everything on her since she is no famous for dying and waking up 12 hours later even stronger than before.

*Thoughts* I will say this. I am sad and happy at the same time. I read every single book in this series which is a rarity these days from giving up or patiently waiting for another book in other series to come out. Emma's happy ending is just what readers can expect, and enjoy. I am happy to see Buffy and Scarlett also getting their own happy endings. Buffy's is sort of adorable if I may say so.   

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