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#Revew - The Games of Enemies and Allies by K.M. Shea #Paranormal #Fantasy

 Magic on Main Street # 2
Format: Kindle, 372 pages
Release Date: January 12, 2024
Publisher: K.M. Shea
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Urban Fantasy

At night they’re enemies. During the day they’re friends. Only one of them is aware of this…

My stress levels skyrocketed after I discovered the deadly vampire who has taken over downtown is Considine Maledictus, one of the most powerful vampires alive.

Now I’m even more reluctant to tangle with him, but he’s started showing up in the middle of my investigations, even if they’re outside his territory. I never know if he’s there to fight or to lend me some unexpected help.

I don’t have time to ponder his weird behavior, because a group of local wizards are up to some shady practices. They’ve never been fond of the non-magical, but suddenly they’re popping up all over the city, “helping” humans.

At least I can count on my vampire friend and next-door neighbor, Connor, for some laughs. Except…he’s been acting strange and is even more touchy-feely than usual these days.

Regardless, I’m going to stay focused on protecting my city. I’m just not sure if I should be more concerned about the wizards, or the chaotic vampire who swaps from friend to foe on a nightly basis.

The Games of Enemies and Allies is the second book in the Magic on Main Street urban fantasy trilogy and is part of the Magiford Supernatural City world. This series is packed with humor, magical fights, and a sweet, slow-burn romance between a slayer who battles social anxiety and a vampire who is sick of his immortality. Key Characters: Jade O'Neil and Considine Maledictus. Setting: The fictional city of Magiford where humans and supernaturals share a city.
Jade works for the Magical Response Task Force which is part of the Department of Supernatural Law Enforcement. She is a vampire slayer who has left the comfort of her family of vampire slayers to move to Magiford to choose a career in protection rather than killing. Now, she works with a revolving group of supernaturals (Curia Cloisters) who call her Blood, while ensuring that supernaturals stay in their lane and don't try to cause problems like the Fae, Orrin. She's even become a team leader in her short time. 
Jade has made friends with a vampire named Connor who lives in her same building. Jade has also made her very own nemesis in Ruin aka Considine who loves to push her buttons by showing up whenever there's trouble. Considine, meanwhile, is an elder vampire who has accepted the responsibility of his friend, Ambrose Drake's family, which includes Killian Drake. Killian has tried hard to find out what Considine is doing in town but to no avail. Considine is really good at not letting anyone know where he is, or when he is stalking them in a game of cat and mouse.
In this installment, the game is afoot, as it were. House Tellier seems to be up to something, and Jade is eager to prove they are out of line. First, it was fireworks, then it was saving a library where they donated a statue, and finally, it's making it appear as though they were saving humans on an icy bridge. To make matters even more twisted, Jade seems to be the target of a dangerous dragon shifter named Gisila. She seems most interested in something that is kept at Tutu's Crypta and Custodie, and Jade has been close to exposing her secrets. 
Jade, who is really shy when it comes to intermingling with people, seems to be trying to break the ice with her teammates. The most curious aspect is that she is always given the most interesting people to be part of her Team Blood. The other curiosity in this book is when Jade finally learns who Considine is, and how far Considine goes to protect her from danger when she is hunted by rogue elements and the dragon shifter. Jade, who always wears a mask at work so nobody knows who she is, may have some issues after this story.
So, after careful research, I have learned that this is a mini-trilogy as part of a larger series that is set in a world where humans live more or less with supernaturals. While this story has plenty of action and suspense, there is also plenty of humor among Jade's co-workers, including Sunshine. Lastly, there is a character named Hazel who is Killian's One. Apparently, Hazel is the one who keeps the appropriate parties on their toes. Especially House Tellier. Hazel is from the author's Hall of Blood and Mercy series. 

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