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#Review - Stolen Oath by Maya Daniels #Fantasy #Paranormal

 Honor Among Thieves # 2
Format: Kindle, 158 pages
Release Date: May 12, 2023
Publisher: May Daniels
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Alaska never thought she’d find herself in the middle of a family drama, yet her life depends on her ability to resolve it quickly. Witches and shifters never mixed well, but the proud thief ended up deep to her eyeballs in fur.

Dimitri’s inherited legacy holds more secrets than either of them expected after the original fiasco with the spell book. His father may not remember anything about Alaska, thanks to the blood magic potion, but that won’t stop him from removing his son out of the way at any cost.

To make matters worse, wedding plans are in full swing that brings to light unwillingly given promises that appear set in stone.

Alaska’s determination has no bounds. If she could steal someone’s magic, there must be a way to steal a falsely taken oath. All she had to do is find the right spell.

If only things were that easy.

Maya Daniels' Stolen Oath is the second installment in the authors' Honor Among Thieves series. Alaska McCullough works at the Crystal Palace by day along with her best friend Charmaine Mariatti who claims to be a sorceress. By night, she's known as the White Kalla thief who is all but a ghost. She was born a witch, but in this world, that is a dangerous proposition. You can be a vampire, or shifter, but not a witch. A group known as the Order of Magical Powers has all but eliminated witches. 

Allie has created a whole lot of problems for herself by stealing a magic book full of ancestral spells that is not supposed to exist from Dimitri Bell, Alpha of the Southern California Werewolf pack, and member of the MPO at the behest of someone close to Bell. Right from the onset of the story, it appears that someone has put a hit out on Allie as well as Char which allows Allie to act like the powerful witch she supposedly has the capability of being. To make matters worse, Allie and Dimitri uncovered who hired her to steal the book, but that person is currently out of commission. So, who else has issues with Allie and Char? 

It also seems that a witch coven from Louisiana, a coven that is not supposed to exist, is now in town, and nobody really has any clue what they are up to until later in the story. It also appears that someone is targeting high-value supernaturals and trying to eliminate them. People like Allie, Char, & Dimitri. While Allie, Char, and Dimitri work together to figure out why vampires and hyena shifters are working together, Dimitri's pending nuptials with Angela bring about a shocking cliffhanger ending thanks to Allie's choice, and her unusual meeting with the witches from Louisiana. 

*Thoughts* My previous review of this series stated that I wasn't going to dwell on editing errors any longer. I was wrong. My goodness, if you know the author, please her to hire someone to edit her work! There were words misspelled throughout the book that could have easily been caught by Grammarly which I recently started using to avoid embarrassing verbiage mistakes. One of the things I hope changes is Char's missing memories of Damian the Druid thanks to Char saving Allie. These two deserve each other, but right now, Char is having issues. I also hope the author doesn't wait 2 years to release the 3rd book since lots of things happened at the end of this book that needs to be explained fast.     

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