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#Review - The Book That Broke the World by Mark Lawrence #Fantasy #Romance

 The Library Trilogy # 2
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Release Date: April 9, 2024
Publisher: ACE
Source: Publisher
Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Two people living in a world connected by a vast and mysterious library must fight for those they love in the second book in a new trilogy from the international bestselling author of The Book That Wouldn’t Burn.

The Library spans worlds and times. It touches and joins distant places. It is memory and future. And amid its vastness Evar Eventari, both found and lost, Livira Page.

Evar has been forced to flee the library, driven before an implacable foe. Livira, trapped in a ghost world, has to recover the book she wrote—one which is the only true threat to the library’s existence—if she's to return to her life.

While Evar's journey leads him outside into the vastness of a world he's never seen, Livira's path will take her deep inside her own writing, where she must wrestle with her stories in order to reclaim the volume in which they were written. 

The secret war that defines the library has chosen its champions and set them on the board. The time has come when they must fight for what they believe, or lose everything.

“There is a book that is also a loop. A book that has swallowed its own tale. It is a ring, a cycle, burning through the years, spreading cracks through time, fissures that reach into its past and future. And through those cracks things that have no business in the world of flesh can escape.”

The Book That Broke the World, by Mark Lawrence, is the second installment in the author's The Library Trilogy. Key Characters: Evar, Livara, Arpix, Celcha, and Hellet. Long ago, a lie was told, and with the passing years it has grown and spread, a small push leading to a chain of desperate consequences. Now, as one edifice topples into the next with ever-growing violence, it threatens to break the world. The secret war that defines the library has chosen its champions and set them on the board. The time has come when they must fight for what they believe, or lose everything.

Livira, who grew up in a place called The Dust, but was rescued by soldiers, is a librarian who trying to find her way home to her family, as well as find Evar. As the story opens, Livira and Malar (soldier) are together but nobody can see them because they are pretty much ghosts to everyone else. Livera is also trying to find a book she wrote, which could possibly be a true threat to the library’s existence. 

Evar, who was trapped with his adopted siblings for a very long time, was raised by the Assistant and Soldier who we learn are some characters we already know thanks to the Library's Mechanism of traveling through doors and different times and places. He, along with his warrior sister Clovis is determined to find Livira. Clovis is an amazing and tough warrior, but curiously finds herself falling for the human boy Aprix who once trained Livara even though they are different species. 

Celcha was born into slavery along with her brother Hellet. Their job was to dig into a lost city to find lost books. er as they head into the Library world. It appears that Hellet was being tempted by either ghosts or angels into doing something dangerous that would eventually lead to the destruction of the city that exists outside of the Library. The most curious aspect of Celcha was that she was pushed into doing something really awful, and wasn't aware that she was being used by people who wanted to destroy the Library. 

Arpix is a librarian who also tutored Livira. He and other survivors ended up in the Dust where Livira once lived, and it seems that they have been there for a while. Wentworth (a huge cat, who can find anyone), was a terrific addition to the book. Especially after you learn that he has been providing much needed food for Arpix and his group as well as fighting monsters called Skeers.

Behind the scenes, there is a war brewing. A war that has been thousands of years in the making thanks to two brothers. It is at this point I shall just say that the key characters must now decide which side they are on, and which doorway they will take to meet their own fates including fighting a cannibalistic King, and the rotten to the core Lord Algar who really truly hates Livara. 

*Facts* The Library Trilogy revolves around the Athenaeum, the legendary library instituted by Irad, the grandson of Cain and the great-grandson of Adam and Eve. Following the family tradition, Irad argued bitterly with his own brother, Jaspeth, who believed Irad’s library to be a temple glorifying the original sin of knowledge and was determined to tear it down. The Library has become a literal and figurative battleground over who controls access to knowledge or whether information should be passed down at all. The Library Trilogy is about many things: adventure, discovery, and romance, but it's also a love letter to books and the places where they live. The focus is on one vast and timeless library, but the love expands to encompass smaller more personal collections, and bookshops of all shades too. 

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