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#Review - Chaos Song by L.R. Braden #Fantasy #Contemporary

Series: The Magicsmith # 6
Format: Kindle, 393 pages
Release Date: November 11, 2022
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Source: Amazon
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Everything Alex has struggled to create is about to come unraveled…

Nothing has gone to plan since she joined the PTF. Now mysterious "natural" disasters are happening all over the world, and all signs point to a fae attack. But by whom? And why now?

In the midst of this chaos, she faces Purity protesters, coworkers looking to undermine her every decision, and werewolves who can't stop snapping at each other long enough to prove they're safe to work with.

Now is not the time to abandon her fledgling alliance for an off-the-books mission, but if she doesn't… the fragile peace between the Realms may shatter.

Chaos Song, by L.R. Braden, is the Sixth installment in the authors The Magicsmith series. Alex Blackwood is the key protagonist of this series. She is a half practitioner, and half fae. She is able to imbue magic into weapons and has changed James, her vampire boyfriend's life in ways he never thought possible. After literally saving the world by stopping a sorcerer rebellion that happened in Baltimore, and other places, she then made a peace agreement with her Grandfather (Lord Bael) who leads the Fae court of Enchantment. 
The agreement means peace for one year before it needs to be renegotiated, or a war breaks out. Alex was given the title of Deputy Director in Charge of paranatural relations for the Paranatural Task Force (PTF). Her job is to match paranaturals with humans so they can fight together against rogue forces that want to see the world overrun. Alex really does have a whole lot to deal with in this installment. Her friend Emma, who was a witch, lost her sight acting as Alex's paladin. She has Victoria, the Master Vampire of Denver, pushing her to create the same pendants that she allegedly made for James, her vampire boyfriend who can now daywalk. 
She's supposed to pair magically inclined agents with human partners, but she has issues with the various wolves who have joined PTF not getting along with each other. Just when it seems she may have a solution, members of the Unified Church show up. The same Church who used to kidnap people and ship them overseas as slave labor. The Church, which suffered greatly in the Sorcerer uprising, now wants a say in if the PTF's goals of humans and paranaturals working together for the greater good but with a bigoted governor in charge of Colorado, Alex will be lucky not to be locked away. 
In the middle of all this chaos, Alex is ordered to investigate whether the Fae are starting a war when tons of human garbage is redistributed back on the beaches of the west coast, and other even more dangerous incidents seem to be spreading across the world. This means a visit to the Water Fae, and a shocking discovery that could mean an end to everything that Alex's has been working for. But the kicker is when the villain of this story creates so much havoc, that the one person who has Alex's back is severely injured, and put out of commission while Alex is literally fighting for the world's survival.
*Thoughts* I missed this series but thankfully have the next book in the series thanks to the publisher. I had to go back to my notes from the previous installment (Of Mettle and Magic) to remember the key characters like Alex Blackwood, James, Chase, Emma, and Kai. The author does a good job of summarizing events, but not overloading readers with everything that has happened so far. The key issue with this story is that once again a powerful villain, who was supposed to be locked up, has chosen to begin a war on the world using all sorts of new characters. Alex literally has to run around like a chicken with her head cut-off just to stay alive, and keep her ideas for a peaceful balance between humans and Paranaturals from imploding. However, trouble is ahead for our heroine, and this time, it may take a miracle to escape.

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