Friday, June 24, 2011

The Dragon's Mark by Alex Archer Book Review

Rating: 4.0
Genre: Action/Adventure/Science Fiction

The Dragon's Mark is the twenty-six release in the Rogue Angel series featuring Annja Creed who is not only an archaeologist, but co-host of cable TV's Chasing History's Monsters. She is the holder of Joan of Arc's broadsword that was shattered to bits and pieces upon her death. Since becoming the holder of the broadsword, Annya's own agility, speed and strength have grown in stature. It also gives her heightened senses and increased intuition to tell when danger is near, as well as becoming a symbol of justice and good in the world. One thing that makes the sword so interesting is that it is stored in what is called the Otherwhere. Annya can literally grab it at a moment’s notice when she needs to protect herself from others who are trying to harm her.

Annya is called to Paris, France by Garin Braden for a surprise birthday party for Roux, who has become Annya’s mentor. Garin is an empire builder, rogue artifact hunter and immortal thanks to his link to Joan of Arc’s sword. Garin has been playing games with both Roux, (who he wants to see dead) and Annya ever since she came in possession of Joan’s sword.

This time, his deviousness knows no boundaries, nor does his deception in training and hiring an assassin called the Dragon to go after Annja and her sword. His one command to the Dragon: no hard shall come to Annya and that she must relinquish the sword voluntarily.

The Dragon is one of the best villains this series has had in a very long time. She is cunning, and an extremely well trained as an assassin. Her actions cause Annja to not only question her sanity, and abilities, but the Dragon hits her in her own apartment which is supposed to be safe haven from intruders. The Dragon holds the last Katana ever made by a master sword smith named Muramasa. It is called Ten Thousand Cold Nights. It is also said to have the alternative powers to Annya’s own broadsword in that it carries out evil.

I actually had a wonderful time reading this book. The action sequences take place from Roux’s home outside of Paris, to Annya being chased through a NYC subway, to the tops of buildings and finally to the final confrontation in a Brooklyn Garden between Annya and the Dragon. It will be interesting to see where this story goes from here especially knowing that Garin allowed a witness to survive his attempt on Roux’s majordomo.

My only request: I would really love to know who the writer of this book was.

Definitely recommended to everyone who loves a good action adventure story.

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