Friday, June 24, 2011

Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance (A Review)

Rating: 3.5 Stars - Will ponder if I should rate it higher.
Genre: Urban Fantasy
**Review** Possible Spoilers ----minimal----

Hunt the Moon is the fifth book in the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance and the action if pretty much nonstop from the first page to the last. Questions are answered, but others are left open for a possible sixth release in the future.

As followers of this series from the first book onward, we’ve waited two long years for this book to finally come out. Was it worth the wait? Probably. Lots of things happen over a short period of time as it seems to always do in this series. Five books have taken place over the course of several months. It will definitely benefit anyone new to this series that you MUST read the first four books before jumping into this one. Otherwise, you may find yourself loopy and lost.

Cassie is the newest Pythia designate or the chief seer for the Supernatural World after he mentor was killed and the power somehow shifted to her who has never actually had formal training. She has withstood traitorous vampires, mages, as well as the god Apollo himself in order to stay alive. She is under the “protection” of Mircea and the vampire Senate who finally believe they have control over the office of the Pythia.

It is also coming up on her coronation date, but she is really a prisoner in a hotel room filled with vampire bodyguards against those who want to take the opportunity to try and kill her; again. The most interesting guard is Marco who is over a thousand years old and really seems to care about Cassie, even though her pink toe nails obsession would drive even the strongest vampire to drink hard. Cassie, however, is not one to stay still for a long time, and of course, finds herself in trouble once again.

Cassie is also training with John Pritkin who is a war mage, as well as half demon (incubi) in how to fight as well as protect herself. Pritkin’s training is intense, but so it the danger that awaits Cassie at each and every turn. Now, she has demigods trying to kill her so that they can once again walk the earth. Almost right away, she is attacked by a fey creature and temporarily possessed. Thankfully, Billy is on the scene to help.

Cassie is supposed to be dating 500 year old master vampire, and North American Senate member Mircea Basarab. Mircea often treats Cassie as an object, and not an actual person. He believes, as do most vampires, that Cassie and Mircea are married. Oh yes, he claims he actually loves her, shocked look on my face when I read that part. But, does he really? Or, is he listening to his boss when she tells him that it would be fine to control the office of the Pythia, and thus Cassie after years of the position holder being under the guise and protection of the Silver Circle? He basically stalked her since she was 11 years old which is just plain creepy to me. That’s just my opinion folks.

Negatives: Cassie’s screaming nearly each and every time words come out of her mouth was absolutely nerve wrecking and annoying to me. Was that really necessary? Can’t she carry out a pleasant conversation without shouting at basically everyone? Again, just asking!

The way the book ends is so obvious that Chance wants to write another Cassie story. If she ended the series now with this particular ending, there would be a whole slew of angry readers out there who would want her head on a platter. There are too many questions remaining including the fate of Pritkin. Then there is her battle with the Gods like Ares and Hel and the alliance between the Mages and the vampires that get signed because of Cassie’s action at the end of this story.

Positive(s): First, that we actually have another book in the series. Even though it was a two year wait, the book overall was worth it. I find myself hesitating in rating this book higher even though the story was pretty good.

Second, Cassie and Pritkin’s relationship is explored more as well as Pritkin’s past and who he really is. The fact that Cassie saves his life by giving herself to him fully, and I do mean fully, was one of the better scenes of this book.

Third was the meeting in 1969 between Cassie and her mother Elizabeth O’Donnell. Elizabeth was the Pythia designate at the time of the meeting and also on the run from assassins who wanted to kill her so that Cassie isn’t born. Cassie ends up in hot pursuit against some Spartoi assassins and the whole chase scene with Mircea alongside was pretty amazing. Poor Cassie can’t catch a break, let alone her breath for 5 minutes before something or someone is trying to kill her. Now, they figure her mother is a prime target to go after. It's nice to actually meet her mother after such a tragic ending to her life at the hands of the rat Anthony.

Thoughts: I actually prefer Pritkin to Mircea. Mircea still creeps me out with the whole I marked you when you were 11 years old thing so that nobody else can have you. Yes, he claims that he loves her which naturally throws Cassie for a loop in that nobody has said that to her before. But, he obviously is loyal to the vampire Senate and is not likely to say no to them when it comes to telling Cassie what to do.

I want there to be another book just so that we can tie this series up in and find out who Cassie is truly meant to be with. Will we have to wait another two years? I read where other reviewers are saying another book shall be released next year? Show me the posting!

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