Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Early Review - Sealed With A Curse by Cecy Robson

“Sealed with a Curse” is the first book in what promises to be a fantastic new series by Cecy Robson. After reading and reviewing Robson’s novella called The Weird Girls, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. The four Wird Sisters (Celia, Emme, Taran, & Shayna) were cursed and each has their own individual uniqueness and powers. As such, you can’t really put the sisters into any particular paranormal category which is why I think this series has a lot of potential.

Sealed with a Curse is told in the first person POV by the oldest Wird sister Celia. Celia is a tigress shifter who also has a knack for shifting into other animals (like skunks, and bunny rabbits) upon contact. Sometimes this contact can be quite embarrassing in nature as this story shows. There is another obvious uniqueness to this series in that all four of the sisters are registered nurses and love spending quality time in their new Lake Tahoe digs while partying under the bright lights and leaving the supernatural world to their own devices. Having survived a war against witches in the Weird Girls, the Wird sisters deserve a little peace and quiet.  

Unfortunately, things change quickly when they are ordered to appear in vampire court for the murder of a vampire. Even though it was clearly proven to be in self-defense, those in charge want to pin the blame on someone and who better than four sisters who have no ties to the paranormal community? As the trial progresses, the girls are eventually found to be not guilty of murder since the deceased was suffering from bloodlust. Misha Aleksandr soon starts to obsess over Celia and she later agrees to help him clear his family name before marauding master vampires are able to put Misha out of business…permanently.

If that weren’t enough for Celia to handle, there is also the sexy as hell werewolf pack leader named Aric Connor who she bumps into while on a run and later works with in order to capture and eliminate the out of control vampires suffering from bloodlust. Naturally, this leads to all sorts of fun and interesting situations between the three characters. Ultimately, this particular aspect of the story wore on my nerves as I’m not a fan of 3-way triangles by any stretch of the imagination. I would say that this was my only fault for this entire book!

Sealed with a Curse is scheduled to be released on December 31, 2012, followed by A Cursed Embrace on July 2, 2013. This series is a cross pollination between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. There are dark moments in the book as well as light banter and sisters who each need their own book in order to truly explain their overall uniqueness. I like the fact that each sister has abilities such as the ability to heal (Emme), the ability to use fire and sunlight (Taran), and the ability to form weapons out of wood (Shayna). 

Overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Author - Cecy (Sessy) Robson
Title - Sealed With A Curse (Weird Girls # 1)
Publisher - Signet Eclipse
Received via NetGalley
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Releases December 31, 2012


  1. Taran cracked me up the most and Aric is velvety good

    1. You might also like my vampires who dress like naughty Catholic Schoolgirls in the next few books. Taran tends to be more apologetic in comparison. Also, speaking of velvety goodness, y'all haven't met Tye yet. ; D

  2. I was really surprised by this book as well, loved the sisters and the two men. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. great review!

    1. I'm glad your surprise was a good one! So thrilled you loved my books, Melliane!