Monday, December 31, 2012

Gizmo's Reviews Top 10 Disappointments

2012 was an interesting year to be a reader/reviewer. It's also the first year in which I actually started blogging about the books I've read. Overall, I read 383 books and for the second year in a row, I read every single page of every single book. Some would call me a sadist. I would argue that sometimes it's necessary to get to the last page in order for the good stuff to finally show up. The books below represent my worse experience while reading in 2012. This list, of course, is subjective and based on my likes and dislikes and not on other peoples reviews or thoughts.

Some may take issue with some of my choices and that is absolutely fine as well.

So, without any more top 10 disappointments of 2012 

I posted my review for this book on Mystifying Paranormal Reviews. I found
Dani to be too immature to carry a series by herself. KMM should have jumped ahead at
least 3 years to make Dani 17 and maybe I wouldn't have felt like slime was dumped on
my head with all the male characters running around trying to get into a 14 year old kids

Second book in the series. Really had problems with all the changing POV's and the fact
that the storyline is every where.

Interesting concept. Not so interesting story. I should have realized I would think
negative about this book after seeing so many negative reviews!

Another book that was an interesting concept, yet never caught my attention. Not sure
if I will even bother with the sequel at this point. 

This book came close to being one of my ONLY DNF books of the year. Just didn't
feel the main character. While the world building was interesting, the story made no sense
what-so-ever. Glad this is a standalone.

Need I really explain my displeasure at this book? Could it be the choice the main
character makes in the end, and the fact that mine doesn't even make it to the end!

Really disliked the main character Alex after she goes from fat, chubby and snarly, to skinny
beautiful and anal overnight. Definitively not a series I want to continue anytime soon. 

Interesting concept and once again set in a post apocalyptic time with zombies.
Main character ends up turned into a cybernetic human zombie fighting machine.
Could have been a whole lot better.

Second book of 2012 that I nearly DNF'd because it totally bored me to tears.
Concept interesting enough although with the whole daylight crystal it was just
another Twilight Knock-off for me.

I guess the honeymoon is over for me with this series. The silliness and banter between
the characters is stall and needs to be tied up fast. I am tired of the constant 3 way 
triangle as well. Just make a freaking decision and stick with it! Glad I borrowed this
book from the library!


  1. I see some titles I wanted to read (Burn Mark & The peculiars), but I will be careful now! I think it's admirable that you keep reading. I used to do that, but now it feels to much of a waste :p I want to spend my time on good books, but with so much books in a year, I think you can handle them. Haha.

  2. Wow I am surprised you have made it all the way to 18 for the Stephanie plum novels. I stopped around 13, and had the same thought, make a decision already and go from there. The books have lost their appeal to me as well. Though I loved the first few books in the series.

  3. I am struggling to get through nine and am not sure I could continue with the Stephanie Plum series anymore...

  4. I definitely agree with The Peculiars :/ Could not relate to Lena AT ALL, unfortunately. Haven't read the others though... hope 2013 will bring enjoyable reads! <3 Have a great new year!

  5. I agree with you on Serpent's Kiss, I wasn't able to finish it! Which was too bad, because I loved the first book!

  6. Interesting to do a post with most disapointing reads. I still have to read Iced and have high hopes for it, I hope I will not be disapointed.

  7. I'd have to agree about The Peculiars. That book had so much potential but kept falling flat for me. It was!

    I haven't read Iced yet, but I'm in no hurry too since the feedback hasn't been all that positive.

    I read about 20 pages of Demon Catchers and put it down. I didn't like the writing style at all.

    Great list.