Monday, December 10, 2012

Review - Leashing the Tempest by Jenn Bennett

On what is supposed to be a nice relaxing afternoon on a boat taking pictures and teaching 14 year old Jupiter “Jupe” Butler about his newfound knack; Arcadia "Cady" Bell, her Earthbound demon boyfriend Lon Butler, and Cady’s Tambuku Tiki Lounge co-owner and best friend Kar Yee end up getting more than they bargained for after Jupe makes a regrettable mistake with his knack. Throw in the Captain of the boat who has made more than a few bad promises and choices of his own, and you have a wonderful addition to the Arcadia Bell series.

Jenn Bennett really knows how to spin a story and her characters are not only likable, but they seriously kickass as well. There is romance, mystery and suspense, humor and banter between the characters that isn’t stretched to the imagination or limitations for the sake of making the book better.

“Leashing the Tempest” is a 65 page novella that takes place after the events of “Summoning the Night” and right before “Binding the Shadows.” Binding the Shadows is scheduled to be released on May 28, 2013. If you haven’t started this series yet, you should. You will find that Cady is one of the best new heroines in the Urban Fantasy arena today and her abilities as a magician change and grow by the novel.

Author - Jenn Bennett
Title - Leashing the Tempest (Arcadia Bell #2.5)
Publisher - Pocket Star
Releases - December 17, 2012

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