Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Release Day Review - Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6) by Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises finally hits the bookshelves after a rather long delay in which the authors finished the Edge series and released Andrea's novel Gunmental Magic. I have to say that this book is a doozy and readers of the series should be prepared for anything to happen at any time including a very emotional ending to the story.

Kate and her mate Curran the beast master are put into a tight spot when a group of younger shape shifters turn Loup and the pack runs out of the precious medicine called panacea that can prevent a shapeshifter from going Loup completely. Given the circumstances, Curran decides to accept the European Packs request that he and representatives of the Pack travel to Europe to protect a pregnant female named Desandra from harm until the baby is born.

Traveling to Europe alongside Kate and Curran, are Barabas, Georgetta, Mahon, Keira (Jim's sister), Andrea, Raphael, Aunt B, Eduardo, Derek, and Doolittle. Saiman also joins the trip because of certain events that take place prior to this story which you can read at the back of the book. You probably SHOULD read the story first before diving into Magic Rises as the authors encourage.

While in Europe, Kate and Curran are both severely tested, especially Kate when she meets the only person other than her dreaded father that could match her in intensity and fighting abilities; Hugh d’Ambray. Kate and Curran's relationship is also severely tested to the point where I found myself reaching for a golf club to smash it over Curran's head for absolutely being a total dick-wad towards Kate. I absolutely hate miscommunication and characters who presume that the other knows exactly what they are feeling at the time of an argument.

But, let’s not get distracted. As I said, Magic Rises is intense. The European packs are severely distrustful and hateful towards Curran and they really hate Kate because she is the only human around. Kate’s being part of the pack is put to the test as well and I really didn't much care for the fact that certain friends and acquaintances didn't stand up for Kate especially Curran. You can absolutely feel the isolation that Kate goes through even though supposedly the pack has accepted her as one of their own throughout dozens of challenges to the death. But, when you are NOT a shapeshifter, it is a difficult situation to be put into when everyone wants to challenge your legitimacy as being the Consort to the Beast Master. 

Then there are the machinations of Hugh himself. Now that he is truly aware of who Kate is after doing is own search and he knows that she’s Roland’s long lost daughter, I will be hard pressed not to want to see them fight to the final death. That being said, I was impressed with the interaction between Hugh and Kate even though you knew that he was most likely moving her around like a chess piece putting her into different situations to test her and see what she's really made of. I absolutely loved the fight scene between them and was griping like crazy when it came to an abrupt end.

Unfortunately, Magic Rises doesn’t exactly end with everyone walking away unscathed. I was shocked to learn that a major character falls and I am unwilling to spoil this review in order to say whom. I’m wondering how the pack will take this news and who will step up to take this characters place. 

I actually found the idea of moving the setting from Atlanta to the European continent appealing. It’s nice to switch things up and add a little spice to the story now and again. I am hoping that Magic Breaks (Book # 7) doesn't take a full year before it is released. We need a resolution between Hugh and Kate as well as between Roland and Kate sometime before I fall off my chair and die. 

*Recvd from publisher 06/27/2013* Expected publication: July 30th 2013 by Ace
Author - Ilona Andrews
Title - Magic Rises (Kate Daniels # 6)
Published by Ace
Released July 30, 2013
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Received from ACE


  1. OMG, OMG, now I am so scared. First off, I am so jelly right now that you got an ARC. This is my fav series of all time. I am going to the authors singing Aug 3. So excited. Anyways, I don't like that the pack didn't stick up for Kate and that someone important...dies?? No, no. I can't. My stomach hurts already. I am reading this as soon as I can but now I am a little weary.

  2. Wow I've only read the first book and loved it. I need to get reading to catch up. This looks awesome!

  3. Bam! Amber I gifted me with the first 5 books. Fuckity fuck I should schedule a binge session!


  4. Omg! I am super panicking right now! Fuck... Don't know if I can handle all the feels.