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Review - Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy #5) by Jennifer Estep

As the Mythos Academy series steam rolls along, we've learned that Gypsy girl and Nike's Champion Gwen Frost has a lot of responsibilities that's she required to fulfill as well as attending the prestigious Mythos Academy which just so happens to be the same place her own mother, and grandmother attended.

Gwen, while searching for antiquities that can defeat Loki, is also a high value target for the Reapers of Chaos led by Agrona Quinn and Vivian Holler who continue to try to kill off Gwen while bringing about another war between the Reapers and the Protectorate.

I must say they need to meet their own end soon but I absolutely trust Jennifer to wrap up this series in such a way that it will leave us all breathless and satisfied. I don’t like villains who just won’t freaking die but stay around causing more havoc and trouble for my girl Gwen and her friends.

Luckily for Gwen, she's come a long way in making her own way and proving herself in a world filled with Valkyries, Ninjas, Spartans, and Vikings. She has her trusty & awesome sword named Vic, her psychometry skills & abilities that have saved her life on more than a few occasions, and friends like Daphne Cruz, Carson Callahan, Oliver Hector, Kenzie, Aiko, Alexi, Coach Ajax, Aurora Metis, and Nickamedes who have not only helped protect her, but are also her closest friends and allies.

**Food break! Gwen is now enjoying a jumbo sized pretzel with nacho cheese sauce and a dark chocolate brownie, which also happens to be Gin Blanco’s hair color. Hmmmm back to the review!

In case you believe I've left someone off Gwen’s list of friends and supporters, I'm getting to him slowly but surely. If you have read Crimson Frost (which I hope you do before jumping into Midnight Frost), you know that both Gwen and Logan Freaking Quinn had something major happen to them in that book. You therefore will not be surprised that both Gwen & Logan have had to deal with the aftermath and the affects, which includes Gwen’s nightmares, and Logan’s own withdrawal from Mythos Academy (See Spartan Frost for more details.)

Midnight Frost is once again filled with attempts by the reapers to kill Gwen off. Gwen and friends own determination and drive to find a cure for a fallen comrade in arms before its too late. This includes a trip across country to Denver’s Mythos Academy where Gwen encounters not only awesome Gryphons, but a startling truth and revelation behind her own families heritage. There is also Gwen's meeting with Rory Forseti who just so happens to be Gwen’s Spartan cousin. Yes, she’s a total badass and I hope that this is NOT the last time we get to see her in this series.

Can I just say that I want a freaking Gryphon? I absolutely found them adorable and their bond to Gwen was fantastic! I thought that Gwen’s meeting with them was maybe the best part of the entire story if you forgive my giddiness. Not that a certain Spartan’s return wasn’t interesting. But, it was, I think, definitely inevitable and expected by readers knowing that he couldn’t stay away from Gwen forever.

*Food break! Gwen is now enjoying a Bison Cheese Burger with bacon and cheese fries, along with ranch dipping sauce and dark chocolate fudge. There she goes with the dark chocolate again! Sorry, back to the review!

Midnight Frost finds a different Gwen Frost. She’s more of a legend now than a simple gypsy girl who used her psychometry abilities to find missing and lost objects for her fellow students. She’s no longer accused of being a Reaper spy, but now the students understand that Gwen is an extremely important cog in the wheel that will be used to defeat and send Loki packing. If she could just figure out how before it is too late and maybe get a little help from Nike and other gods and goddess who are supposed to be on her side.
Mythos Academy definitely has similarities to Estep's Elemental Assassin series which I absolutely love. The main characters are badass, they have unique abilities, they absolutely without a doubt love food, they have a determined nemesis (Vivian/Loki vs Mab Monroe) that they know they must defeat in order to find peace and happiness. It also seems that they both have boyfriend issues which I HOPE & PRAY end up resolved asap!

It's a fairly short wait until Killer Frost is released on February 25, 2014 by K-Teen. Luckily, we have 2 Elemental Assassin novels coming out in the meantime, along with Owen's novella! YAY!

*Recvd Copy from Author! Expected publication: July 30th 2013 by K-Teen
Author - Jennifer Estep
Title - Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy # 5)
Publisher - K-Teen
Releases July 30, 2013
Genre - YA Urban Fantasy
Review Copy Received from Jennifer Estep

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