Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review - Kiss of Venom by Jennifer Estep (Elemental Assassin #8.5)

*My Thoughts*

In the immortal words of Mister Burns (The Simpson's)..."Excellent" ::rubbing fingers together::

For those who haven't yet experienced the Elemental Assassin series or haven't read Widow's Web, may I politely ask you to save this until you are caught up? My reasoning is simple in that everything that happens in Kiss of Venom is tied to the previous installments Widow's Web and Deadly Sting and will undoubtedly lead into Heart of Venom.

You've probably heard from your friends that we have had issues with a certain Owen Grayson after Widow's Web. Not as much as we did with Donovan Caine but it ranks up there with things that have devastated Gin's life and left her heart broken. It didn't get much better after Deadly Sting , but at least Owen seemed to realize what a dunderhead he's been towards the woman he confesses to love but walked away from; Gin Blanco aka The Spider.

I give major props to Jennifer Estep for listening to her readers who have been itching and craving for a story from the POV of Owen. Kiss of Venom is exclusively Owen's. We get inside his head and understand that he's made a HUGE mistake and one that he is internally paying for each and every day. We see that even his friend Phillip thinks he's an idiot and should right things he did wrong ASAP! We see how he would do anything for Gin, including protecting her from assassination, and we even get a hint at what he is planning to do in order to make everything up to her. ::fingers crossed::

I do highly recommend this to all Elemental Assassin series lovers.

Next up! Heart of Venom and then The Spider. Can't wait! 

Author - Jennifer Estep
Title - Kiss of Venom (Elemental Assassin #8.5)
Publisher - Pocket Star
Released - July 22, 2013
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Purchased via Amazon.com

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