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Review - Thread of Death by Jennifer Estep (Elemental Assassin #5.5)


I purchased Thread of Death way back in January of 2012 and totally forgot about it. I am ashamed to say that since I am a huge fan of the Elemental Assassin and Gin Blanco. I love the fact that Jennifer continues to put together these short stories and novellas for her readers and fans. This book is filled with what I've come to expect from this series; action, danger, and lots of blood. 

Thread of Death takes place 2 weeks after the end of Spider’s Revenge and centers entirely on Mab Monroe's funeral and the aftermath which includes those who are moving their respective chess pieces into place in order to take charge of Ashland's criminal underground now that Mab is gone. We can’t have a novella without the appearance of Gin’s extended friends and family which includes Owen Grayson, Finnegan Lane, Bria Coolidge, Roslyn Phillips, Xavier, Jo-Jo Deveraux and her sister Sophia.

Gin, although still not fully recovered from nearly being killed in her massive battle to end all battles with Mab, wants to have a final good-bye to her nemesis of 13 years. You could say that Mab made Gin exactly who she became. She pushed Gin to the limits over the years, she killed Gin’s family, tortured her sister, and in turn, Gin got to be the undisputed assassin that she needed to be in order to take Mab down for good.

I found it interesting that Jennifer also does a POV from Jonah McAllister’s eyes. If you’ve read this series, then you know that Jonah is a snake in the grace, Mab’s former lawyer, and one that has been after Gin ever since she killed his son. We now know the extent by which Jonah wants to exact his revenge on Gin. If you've read the books after this novella, then you know what a real trouble stirrer Jonah is and it is my opinion that Gin needs to flay him like a piece of fish.

The other POV is from Phillip Kincaid who owns and operates Delta Queen Riverfront Casino. Phillip is an interesting case to tell because apparently he and Owen have a past together which you can read about in Widow’s Web. Phillip's discovery to the nature of Gin's true identity should be interesting. Again, since I've already read the next books in the series, I can't spoil anything for those who haven't made it this far. Let's just say, you are in for a very wild ride.

This novella was definitely worth the time and effort to buy it and read it.

Published January 31st 2012 by Pocket Books

Author - Jennifer Estep
Title - Thread of Death (Elemental Assassin # 5.5)
Publisher - Pocket Star
Released - January 31, 2012
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Purchased via Amazon.com

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