Monday, January 6, 2014

*Early Review* Salt (Salt #1) by Danielle Ellison

*My Thoughts*

"Sometimes the things you see are not what they seem." Poncho

At the core of Salt, by Danielle Ellison, is Penelope Grey's search for a way to regain her magic after a demon killed her parents when she was NINE and drained her essence leaving her relying on others, like her sister Connie, so that she can practice magic and isn't just another Nom (Normal). 

Penelope's journey into becoming an Enforcer, like her parents, and grandfather, is similar to that of the TESTING in that only the strongest will survive. Penelope needs to find a way to become an Enforcer to gain access to the information that will lead her to regaining her magical abilities and revenge against the demon who killer her parents and left her magic static. Failure at any point during this testing can lead to a banishment away from your family where you're never heard from again. 

You could say that Penelope is actually Alice and that she journeys down the rabbit hole to find answers and the truths about her magic, the demon who took her magic, her families background, and why she is so very different from others. Along the way, Penelope has her sister, her grandparents, her best friend Ric, and the dubiously handsome, charming, and secretive Carter Trent who drives Penelope absolutely crazy but also captures her imagination. 

Salt is a witch story but it bit different than other stories. This is a world where witches and demons fight for supremacy, and normal humans are preyed on, and used as vessels. It is up to the Enforcers (witches trained to fight demons) to protect the norms from harm.

Penelope is an in interesting character even though at times you want to throw something at her. She's gung-ho, she's forgetful about ensuring she's fully protected with Salt, she's absolutely driven into becoming an Enforcer which leaves her vulnerable to manipulation. She's definitely a feisty character that doesn't take much grief or noise from anyone including her grandparents who really don't like her choice of careers.

Salt is obviously the first story in the series, SO, there is a bit of restraint when it comes to answering some important questions. I would like to know who the mysterious demon was that helps Pen and Carter. I would also like to know what Poncho is really up to, and what he meant by "matters of the heart are often poisonous." I would also like to know about the rest of Pen's family and where they are right now. 

Stay Tuned Marshmallows for the sequel to Salt

*Recvd via Publisher 12/10/2013* Releases January 7, 2014

Author - Danielle Ellison
Title - Salt (Salt # 1)
Published by Entangled Teen
Releases January 7, 2014
Genre - YA Paranormal
Received directly from publisher

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