Wednesday, January 1, 2014

*Happy New Years From Gizmos Reviews!* A Look Into Things To Come

Happy New Years Every body!
Are you all excited for the arrival of 2014? I sure am!
After a TWO week Christmas and New Years mini-break, Gizmos Reviews is once again up and running full time and I hope you chime in on my reviews and posts. I would love feedback on my posts. Helps me determine whether or not I should continue them or not.
2013 was a year of personal pain and stress not knowing whether or not a family member would survive cancer to not only see Thanksgiving, but the end of the year. Not knowing whether or not I would have to pick up and move back to New York where all of my family currently lives. Thankfully, he did and I was able to visit my family for Thanksgiving in New York even it took me 20 hours to drive from Florida to New York in the snow, sleet and rain storms!
I have NO resolutions for 2014.
It will be what it will be, and fate will determine
what will happen, when it happens.
Since I have not received ANY books over the past 2 weeks, I will resume Stacking the Shelves once I get more than One.
I have vowed that I will not participate in any challenges (except Goodreads), and read what I like, when I like, and not get overwhelmed with NG, or EW requests and ARCs. I currently have enough books both physical, on my Kindle, and ARC's to last until May, or June. If I really need a book, I shall go to the library and borrow it. If they don't have it, I will bide my time until they do or request it through the Interlibrary loan system.
I have vowed that I will no longer stress about my followers and page views.
~Even though I am 800 page views short of 100,000, when it happens, I shall
throw a mini party with perhaps a box of books to give away! Won't that be grand?~
I'm thankful for my followers!
Without you, I would have probably said the hell with it and closed up shop.
I'm thankful to everyone who leaves me comments. You are absolutely awesome!
In 2013, I read over 380 books and didn't give up on anything! 3rd year in a row! HOORAH!
I celebrated my 2 year blogging anniversary in June which was fantastic and gave away a bunch of prizes and books! I look forward to celebrating my THIRD year!
I posted over 200 reviews to Netgalley this year which surprised even me!
(Still need to go back with my notes and update unfinished reviews.) 
(Still need to work on my Edelweiss stats Asap!)
I went to my first Book Blogging convention in 2013, and will somehow find my way
back to Daytona Beach, FL in February where I need to tackle hug more than a few awesome authors who have chatted with me on Twitter, and graced Gizmos Reviews with their awesome presence!
I would LOVE a co-blogger, or even folks who are willing to post features, or reviews on Gizmos Reviews. Please, if you are interested in posting on my blog, contact me by leaving a comment, or through Twitter.
Thank you everyone! Happy New Year and Good Luck To Everyone!

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  1. I think your goals are awesome, Shelley. I know how bummed you were that your stats aren't there and I completely know where you are coming from. I guess I gave up on being a big blog a long time ago. I wanted it at first, but now I don't think I do. That is a lot of damn pressure to post all the time and keep getting those numbers. I think what you have going here (and what Lyn and I have going) is a great thing and we are blogging for the right reasons.

    ALSO, holy shit on your number of books read for 2013. That is AMAZING. How did you do it? I need to hear your secret!

    I like the idea of having no resolutions. I really don't have any either, except to be kinder while still speaking my mind. I want to pick my battles and stay out of drama, for the most part, but I also still want to support the people I love. So we'll see how that goes.