Wednesday, January 1, 2014

*Review* Alien Research (Katherine "Kitty" Katt #8) by Gini Koch

*My Thoughts*

Except for perhaps 2 chapters that I found a bit political in nature, (which I try to avoid like coming in contact with plague victims), Alien Research took me on an emotional ride which lead to a very emotional ending. I really didn't see the carnage coming that Koch left behind and was a bit shocked and surprised by the number of characters that Koch choose to put in harms way. That's a nice way of saying that some characters meet their destinies.

I still have some huge questions as to whom the real Mastermind is and whether this person is standing right in front of Kitty. There are SO many different people surrounding Kitty right now that I am not 100 percent sure that they are all trustworthy.

I liked the fact that Kitty does meet a surprise character that has been creating lots and lots of questions about who they are and how they are able to do the things they do since Kitty joined the A/C gang. HINT: The Operation Elves. I also found the question of using or denying free will and free choice a conversation that probably needs to be discussed further in light of events that happen in this book.

As usual, Kittyism is out in full force and this novel can be considered Operation Infiltration because the bad guys really throw the gang into utter chaos. Whenever I read a novel in this series, I take out my chalkboard (Kidding!) and write down every single character that Kitty comes in contact with and whether or not they are important to the overall telling of the story. It is interesting that Kitty gathers people around her like moths to a flame. That being said, yet another character is added to Kitty's ever growing gang of misfits and her abilities are Storm like. 

I really do want to go back and write down every song that Koch comes up with in this story. In fact, it would probably behoove me to do so to each of the series books and make a customized CD out of them. I love the fact that Koch has a new song for each situation Kitty encounters.

Koch enjoys taking Kitty and Jeff to new heights in the romance department. With Kitty's ever growing abilities, you never know what they will do next. On the Smexy scale, I would rate this an 8.

I'm a bit on the unforgiving side when it comes to Christopher this time out. I think his churlish comments and behaviors necessitated a smack down by Kitty and Amy. I totally understand his feeling a bit bummed out about things but come on dude, strap on your jock strap and be a man about things!

I wonder when Kitty is going to get a break from both her friends, and enemies. Although she is clearly smart, brave, inquisitive, and dangerous to the Mastermind's world domination because she thinks way, way outside of the box, there are those who clearly think she's a lunatic and the comments that get tossed her way are a bit mind boggling. 

Alien Collective is the next book in this series, and releases May 2014.

Author - Gini Koch
Title - Alien Research (Katherine "Kitty" Katt # 8)
Publisher - DAW
Released - December 3, 2013
Received from publisher
Genre - Science Fiction

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