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*Review* The Queen's Choice (Heirs of Chrior #1) by Cayla Kluver

*My Thoughts*

Holy double betrayal Batman! Damn that ending and Kluver for giving readers just enough information to leave them breathless! Damn having to wait until Hades knows when before the next book in the series is released to find out what Anya will do next. Right now I have several different emotions going through my head. The first one is that Anya didn't deserve any of the shit that was laid at her feet regardless of the situation, or the persons upbringing and past, or the fact that they caused irrevocable harm to Anya's sanity and future by ripping away her wings and leaving her pretty much humanized. My second emotion is that I hope that Anya doesn't waddle into the waters of a 3-way love triangle now that a new player has come into her life. 

The Queen's Choice focuses on Sixteen year old Anya, daughter of the Lord of the Law, and betrothed to Fire Fae Davic. The world laid out for readers by Kluver is one in which humans and Fae leaders are trying hard to maintain a peaceful existence after an extremely bloody war left a boundary called the Bloody Road separating humans from Fae and any human attempting to cross over into Faerie, dies. It is a place where Fae go on a Crossing, which is really like the Amish's version of Rumspringa. It is a chance for Fae to discover a whole new world outside of their own and make the choice whether or not to stay in Chrior, or live among the humans. 

Anya is a traveler at heart. She loves exploring the human realm of Warckum, and has done so since she was Fourteen. As a member of the Redwood Fae Royalty, she also has responsibilities that come into play after the Queen's choice of announcing a surprising heir to her crown who just happens to be Anya, and not her cousin Illumina who was raised to HATE humans with a passion. There are also rumblings about missing Fae who have gone on the Crossing, but never returned, including Anya's friend Evangeline.

The Queen's Choice is a dark story filled with hardships, trying situations, betrayals from those you would expect better from, and a heroine in Anya who while determined, and gutsy even without her ability to use her Fae abilities as a Water Fae, also makes some head shaking mistakes in her actions, and who she trusts. There IS a bit of romance involved, but at its core, The Queen's Choice is a high fantasy novel that is built upon a world building that saves it from being lacking in quality and depth when it comes to the characters involved. Even though Anya's near future seems dark, there's a long way to go before we get to the ending.

Author - Cayla Kluver
Title - The Queen's Choice (Heirs of Chrior # 1)
Published by Harlequin Teen
Released January 28, 2014
Genre - High Fantasy
Received via NetGalley/Publisher

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