Thursday, June 19, 2014

*Gizmos Book Reviews* Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

**I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

*My Thoughts*

Jamie Henry has some unresolved issues. Even though on the outside he appears to be a normal teenager who gets good grades, loves to play the piano, and was lucky enough to have been adopted along with his older sister Cate by parents who care about them, there is also a mystery that surrounds his mother's death that he tries so very hard to unravel, as well as what truly happened to cause Cate to have a major meltdown.

Jamie is a case that mental professionals would love to study up close and personal. Jamie has severe panic and anxiety attacks that cause blackouts and hands to go completely numb. Even though he truly believes his sister has gone completely off the deep end, there are things she knows that could finally put his mind at peace.

His sister Cate has spent the past two years in Juvenile detention for her actions that left a girl badly burned. She ended up with a bad reputation because of the presumptions of what she was doing behind everyone's backs. Now, she's being released and coming home, and she is aiming to enlighten Jamie about things in his past that SHE kept from him all these years.

I haven't yet read Charm & Strange but I've heard that it is similar to Complicit in that she loves darkness, and twists, and surprises in order to keep the reader on their toes. I am pretty sure I need to go back and read C & S soon since I definitely enjoyed, and recommend Complicit to even the faint at heart.

Complicit is told in the first POV by Jamie, with scenes from both the past and the present intermingled together to bring an extraordinary story to life. Even though parts of this book are dark, there is also a light in Jamie's relationship with Jenny. I guess one could say that this was the calm before the storm part of the book. Jenny's appearance is the calming influence that Jamie needs to explore the truth behind his family's history, and what Cate is really keeping from him.

Complicit is a story that could have been written by Alfred Hitchcock himself and gone over like hotcakes. You knew that when he wrote a book, your mind would be totally blown by the time you reached the conclusion. This story has many of the same key elements of a great Hitchcock movie. There is darkness, secrets, and spine tingling twists that left me with my mouth wide open. So, I say, congratulations Ms Kuehn, mission accomplished in blowing my mind.

Author - Stephanie Kuehn
Title - Complicit
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Released: June 24, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Psychological Thriller
Format: Ebook 256 pages

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