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*Gizmos Book Reviews* Earth & Sky (Earth & Sky #1) by Megan Crewe

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Seventeen-year-old Skylar has been haunted for as long as she can remember by fleeting yet powerful sensations that something is horribly wrong. But despite the panic attacks tormenting her, nothing ever happens, and Sky’s beginning to think she’s crazy. Then she meets a mysterious, otherworldly boy named Win and discovers the shocking truth her premonitions have tapped into: our world no longer belongs to us. For thousands of years, Earth has been at the mercy of alien scientists who care nothing for its inhabitants and are using us as the unwitting subjects of their time-manipulating experiments. Win belongs to a rebel faction seeking to put a stop to it, and he needs Skylar’s help--but with each shift in the past, the very fabric of reality is unraveling, and soon there may be no Earth left to save. 

*My Thoughts*

For most of her young life, Seventeen-year-old Skylar has been haunted by powerful sensations that something is horribly wrong with the world. Skylar compensates for her occasional feelings by multiplying by three to calm herself down. After meeting the mysterious Win, Skylar learns that she's a rarity; a person who can feel time-manipulation experiments by alien scientists.

Earth & Sky is the first installment in the Earth & Sky series by Megan Crewe, the author of the Fallen World trilogy. Earth & Sky is a young adult, science fiction tale with time traveling, aliens, and a young protagonist who might be the key to helping alien rebels right the wrongs that have been committed against the planet. Surprise! It is not a post-apocalyptic or dystopian story that have become so trendy lately.

Earth & Sky is set in current times. The premise is easy to grab on to. What if aliens, instead of kidnapping humans, and bringing them to God knows where, were actually using the entire planet as an Experiment? What if said aliens were using time manipulating technology to change events in history and experiment with different possible outcomes? What if there were those who are so sensitive to the shifts, that they are able to tell when something has been changed?

Skylar and Win team up to cross hundreds of years of history trying to solve riddles left by the Rebel Leader Jeanant. They travel to France, 10th century Vietnam, and colonial America gathering pieces of a weapon that can stop the aliens interference in the lives of Earthlings. Along the way, they are chased by Enforcers who aim to stop them, and a desire by Skylar to find out what really happened to her older brother Noam who disappeared years before.

Earth & Sky is not a story that is filled with romance. It is not a story that has any love triangles, or love at first sight issues. It is a story that takes two characters and tosses them together to save the world. It is a story of a budding friendship that perhaps may lead into a romance if that is the way Crewe chooses to go.

Skylar is a realistic character who suffers greatly from panic attacks, then learns the truth behind them and rises to the occasion against major odds. As one who also experiences these devastating moments myself, I totally felt a bond with her. I think her desire to find out what really happened to Noam, and her attempt to change the course of history, wasn't necessarily selfish on her part. I think as part of human nature, we desire closure when someone goes missing and a reason why things happened. I liked Earth & Sky also because for once, there wasn't any mean girls, or parents who weren't around when Sky needed them.

I believe the second installment in this series will be interesting. I actually look forward to seeing how Sky and Win's friendship grows. I look forward to the next step in the evolution of this series, and the extension of learning more about the rebel group Sky has found herself attached to, and the planet for which they come from. I also would love to know more about Win who definitely isn't anyone you should ignore.

Author - Megan Crewe
Title - Earth & Sky (Earth & Sky # 1)
Published by Amazon Children's Skyscape
Released: October 28, 2014
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Format: E-Book, 306 pages


  1. Great review. I've been meaning to read this one, especially since Megan is such a awesome lady and this story has all the elements I haven't been reading much of.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your input! Happy Holidays!