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#Friday Review - Battlestorm by Susan Krinard (Urban Fantasy)

Series: Midgard # 3
Format: Paperback, 480 pages
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Publisher: Tor Books
Source: Tor Books
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mythology

The third installment in New York Times bestselling author Susan Krinard’s first urban fantasy series...
Centuries ago, the Norse gods and goddesses fought their Last Battle with the trickster god Loki and his frost giants. All were believed lost, except for a few survivors…including the Valkyrie Mist, forgotten daughter of the goddess Freya.
But the battle isn’t over, and Mist—living a mortal life in San Francisco—is at the center of a new war, with the fate of earth hanging in the balance. As old enemies and allies reappear around the city, Mist must determine who to trust, all while learning to control her own growing power. It will take all of Mist’s courage, determination, and newfound magical abilities to stop Loki before history repeats itself. 

Battlestorm is the third installment in Susan Krinard's Midgard series. Right before the Dispersal, (the event that destroyed the other Eight homeworlds) Odin sent his most prized possessions to Midgard with his most trusted Valkyries. Since that time, most Gods and Goddesses have vanished, including Odin. 

But, there are two Gods, Freya and Loki, who would love nothing more than to bring an new kind of world to Midgard. One that is built in their image. It is up to the bravery of Mist, and her human descendants of Gods, Elves and others, to ensure the human races survival. The Midgard series that actually features FOUR main characters: Mist, Loki, Freya, and Dainn. 

Mist is a Valkyrie with a pretty interesting heritage and is one of the trusted Valkyrie Odin sent one of his most important treasures with; his spear. Mist has been living in San Francisco for the past 50 years as a person who hand designs weapons. Mist and her Valkyrie sisters were given the responsibility of guarding the most valuable treasures in mythology. Items like Odin's spear, Thor's Hammer, and Freya's Cloak.  

Mist and her allies (including Valkyrie's Eir, Hild, Bryn and Rota, mortals and former military who are descendants from Gods, Goddesses, and Elves). For more than Eight months, they have been battling against Loki and his frost giants and several traitors who stabbed Mist in the back for Odin's treasures. Over the previous two books, Mist learned that she is the daughter of Freya, the Goddess of love and desires which means that she has some pretty interesting abilities that sure do come in handy, especially in this novel. But, she also can't fully trust her mother since she's got her own agenda. One which is slowly revealed in all it's dirty details. 

The goal of both sides in this war, is to collect the most treasures. If Mist's side wins, they may able to put an end to the end to the strife that has caused so much damage and destruction to San Francisco and its citizens. As I have already mentioned Freya, let's continue. Freya and Loki are at war. You can definitely say it is a game that puts the humans right in the middle of things that should be there like Jotunn Frost Giants, and Trixster Gods who don't care who they hurt as long as they are trying to outfox the other side. 

The third character is obviously Loki. He is the trickster God of legend. He and Freya don't rightly care who gets hurt as long as they are on the winning side. Loki has collected his own Valkyrie and treasures and is keeping a keen eye out for the remaining items and the Valkyrie that protect them. 

The final character is the most interesting and the most powerful outside of Mist. His name is Dainn. He's an Elf, maybe the first, and has been labeled as Faithbreaker, and Ruinbringer. Dainn and Mist have had a strange relationship. He was her ally who deceived her, but his reasons weren't all that apparent until you've read this and the last book. His affection for the boy named Danny is genuine, as is his feelings for Mist. The only question is, can he truly be trusted?

Although this is said to be the third installment in the series, I fear it may have been the finale as well. Things are tied up in ways that will leave your head spinning. There is plenty of action, some huge and shocking surprises, and enough romance to keep everyone happy. If this is the final installment, then I am happy to have started the series. It has been a non-stop ride of twists and turns and characters straight out of mythology. Definitely recommended.

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