Thursday, September 1, 2016

#Thursday Review - Infinite Risk by Ann Aguirre (YA, Urban Fantasy) @MsAnnAguirre @FeiwelFriends

Series: Immortal Game # 3
Format: Hardcover, 384 pages
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Source: Library
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

In a world of infinite risk, the stakes have never been so high.
Beyond the pull of life and death lies the Immortal game. Edie Kramer has leaped back to put things right and save the boy she loves. Alone in the wrong timestream, she must reinvent herself and square off against dangerous Immortals determined to win this mortal match once and for all.
But righting past wrongs carries fresh dangers. As she navigates a new school and tries to put Kian on a different path, she also battles those will stop at nothing to keep her from derailing their deadly schemes. With few allies and her first love treating her like a stranger, Edie faces the most dangerous enemy of all―time itself. Yet she's come a long way from that dark night on the bridge, and when her back's to the wall, she'll go down fighting...

Infinite Risk is the third and final installment in author Ann Aguirre's Immortal Game Trilogy. Edie Kramer has learned some valuable lessons after making a wish on a monkey's paw. Since then, she been dealing with immortals who see humans as paws in their deadly game. While she's had some heart breaking losses to go along with the fact that she now has a weapon that can easily kill any immortal, including one Buzzkill the clown. Edie knows that she has to do something to Kian Riley before it's too late. This sends Edie to a time stream where she's actually 18 pretending to be 16. 

Edie, aka Chelsea Brooks, aka Nine which of her missing finger, is trying to save her parents, herself, and all of the students at Blackbriar school. To everyone else in the Immortal Game, Edie is off the grid and concealed thanks to Raoul. That is until Harbinger shows up. But, Edie is also under a time constraint. The longer she spends in this new time, she risks the old one catching up with her. Not a good thing. The closer she comes to Kian's birthday, the more she loses of herself. If she can't stop Kian from becoming Wedderburn's pawn, she loses the game. 

You have to ask yourself if Harbinger is really as evil as he claims to be, or is he a master of deception. Harbinger has been my favorite character by far of all those that have made their presence felt. He is rather creepy, mischievous, and funny. Technically speaking, there is sort of a tether that connects Harbinger and Edie. That connection can't be ignored no matter how hard Edie tries to save Kian. When Edie hurts, Harbinger hurts. When Edie is taken by Black Watch, Harbinger makes mince meat out of them. I dare say that Harbinger finds Edie to be fascinating even with all her mistakes she made over the course of this game.

Aguirre adds yet another fantastic character named Selena, aka Huntress, aka Goddess of the Moon. She becomes a temporary ally and bodyguard for Edie while answering to Dwyer and fighting Wedderburn's denizens like Buzzkill and the creepy bag man and his children. Things are rather humorous at times between the two of them, especially Selena's love of the TV show So You Think You Can Dance and Olives. I dare say that I would have loved to see more of them together. As this is the conclusion of the series, I have to say that I was not prepared for that ending. Excuse me, those endings! Yes, Aguirre has some nice surprises in store for readers once you get to the final two chapters. 

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