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#Tuesday Review - Enthralling Retribution by Theresa M. Jones #YALit #Paranormal

Series: Empyrean Chronicles # 3
Format: Kindle, 294 pages
Release Date: February 8, 2016
Publisher: Luftmensch Press
Source: BookLending.com
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Lily has fought through the Ardeenes and all the creatures who lurk in the shadows of the trees.She has battled deep within the depths of Muricadia, despite the danger due to her very nature. 
Finally, she has the chance to see Vesuvius, the land of her mother, and the fire in her blood warms at the thought. 
But this will be no vacation. 
Lynn has been captured and held hostage in Vesuvius for longer than any Sprite can handle. Mazes, snakes, and even dragons will impede her path. But together with her closest allies, Lily is determined to save Lynn, no matter the sacrifices that have to be made. 
Until the sacrifices cut too close, and she has to choose between trying to save Lynn and the man she loves.

Enthralling Retribution is the third installment in author Theresa M. Jones's Empyrean Chronicles. 17-year old Lilkaleena (Lily) Volante is the heir to the Empyrean throne. She is half pixie, half sylph, and has accepted that she needs to step up and prove her worth to the rest of the Fae world. They are looking for a leader to push back against the current King, Mastikh, who wants to destroy all of Empyrean and take on the mortal realm as well. But, Mastikh isn't a pushover. He's extremely powerful, and so are his allies. 

Lily and her allies are living in a dangerous times. There is already a rebellion against the King brewing because of his taxation laws, which is having a severe affect on the world's magic. Bloody battles have spread everywhere Lily has traveled. Lily has faced some really hard losses, including that of her own parents, which sent her on a mission to seek out retribution against those who were responsible. Lily herself was stabbed by a sovereign blade and managed to survived. But, Lily has slowly but surely gained her confidence, while her magic has also appeared to blossom. 

Not so easy when you have to unite Nymphs, Sprites, Sylphs, and Pixies who barely get along with each other. Not even the romance between Lily and Alec, who is also her mentor & protector, has been easy. Lily is also an anomaly compared to her allies and friends. She shouldn't have any magic, and yet she does and that gives pause to even her staunchest allies. She has an etching, thanks to an original Fae. That etching is a tattoo infused with magic which gives the bearer strength and makes them more powerful.

But, nothing can prepare Lily for what she and her allies find when they attempt to rescue rebel leader Lynn from Vesuvius. Lily and her allies will be tested every inch of the way. They will face monsters you've never heard of before, but luckily the author does a decent job of giving you a description of what is to come in each chapter. I actually loved this part of the story because of Lily and the Dragons. These Dragons have been waiting for a reason to act, and act they do. They act by understanding that Lily is the heir, the Righteous Mother, & the Patron of the Suffering. They act by helping Lily & her allies against a powerful foe. 

Unfortunately, I do not yet see the fourth book in this series called Enraptured Vengeance. There is a cover, a synopsis, and a link to Goodreads. The fourth book was supposed to be released in the summer of 2016. I want to see how this series wraps up. I want to see how Lily manages to fight against someone is not afraid of her in any way. In fact, they meet a few times in this story, but nothing will be settled for me until I see that last chapter of the last book.

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