Monday, June 17, 2019

#Review - Unsung Heroine by Sarah Kuhn #Urban #Fantasy #Superheroines

Series: Heroine Complex #3.5
Format: E-Galley, 121 pages
Release Date: July 2, 2019
Publisher: DAW Books
Source: Publisher
Genre: Urban Fantasy

The e-novella, which will be released in July 2019 and serve as a bridge between the two trilogies, shines a spotlight on a character many readers have asked for more of: Lucy Valdez, Team Tanaka/Jupiter’s charismatic fight trainer and weapons expert (who also happens to be a vintage fashion plate and the most badass person in San Francisco without superpowers).

Unsung Heroine, by author Sarah Kuhn, is the bridge between the authors first trilogy called Heroine Complex, and a new trilogy coming soon! This new installment follows personal superhero trainer Lucy Valdez and friends Aveda Jupiter and Bea and Evie Tanaka as they combat a new supernatural threat. Lucy Valdez is many things: fight trainer, bodyguard, and weapons expert to super-heroines. She's also a fabulous vintage fashion plate, and undisputed karaoke queen at local joint, The Gutter.

She is also one of the toughest fighters in all of San Francisco without superpowers. That's right. She has no powers unlike her best friends and co-workers Aveda, Bea, and Evie. So why can't she seem to confess her feelings to her longtime crush Rose Rorick, head of the San Francisco Police Department's Demon Unit? Well.... actually, she knows why. She's afraid Rose won't like the real Lucy, the Lucy underneath all the fabulous bravado. (She is still fabulous underneath that bravado--just in a different way.)

When a mysterious new karaoke star rises up at The Gutter and eclipses her, Lucy finds her confidence further shaken--and when strange, seemingly supernatural happenings threaten both this new star and The Gutter's very existence, she must rise to the challenge and investigate alongside Rose. Will Lucy be able to vanquish the demonic threat to her beloved karaoke haven, confess her true feelings to Rose, and reclaim her karaoke throne?

This is actually a really fun story. I love Lucy. She's so insecure about her feelings towards Rose, that you can't help but want to help her out of her conundrum. This story weaves back and forth via current events, as well as text messages between Lucy and Rose. And, while this story is all about Lucy, it does have some cheeky moments with Aveda and Evie trying to make Lucy see that taking a chance with someone that you really love, is the best thing ever. 

I have zero knowledge of when the next trilogy is going to release. I have tried the authors web page without any success. I am wondering if the author will continue to revolve her stories around Evie, Lucy, and Aveda, or will Lucy take charge once again?

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