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#Review - A Crown of Petals and Ice by Shannon Mayer, Kelly St. Clare #Fantasy #Romance

Series: Honey and Ice Trilogy # 3
Format: Kindle, 304 pages
Release Date: February 14, 2022
Publisher: Hijinks Ink Publishing
Source: Amazon Kindle
Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Queen of the fae courts. Faced with an impossible battle. Destined to never be with the Unseelie I love.

The magical tea has worn off. My eyes are wide open. And it’s with horror that I realize the fate of two realms rests on my shoulders after my mother’s ultimate sacrifice to trap Rubezahl in Underhill.

Terrified humans clamoring for answers, whispered rumors from both Seelie and Unseelie, and a stepmother who seeks the throne for surprising reasons are the least of my troubles.

Rubezahl has returned far sooner than I thought possible. I’m not ready. I can’t win this. And not only that…
He has something crucial if we are to win. He’s taken something I cannot live without.

The place of the final battle has been decided, and two armies will meet. Yet forces beyond my understanding must be satisfied first--old magics rise and demand their dues.

There is no option but to race and decipher the puzzle to save the man I love, the friends more important to me than my own life, and humans and fae alike.

Two realms.
Only I can save them.
We’re screwed.

A Crown of Petals and Ice, by co-authors Shannon Mayer, and Kelly St. Clare, is the third and final installment in the authors Honey and Ice trilogy. Two weeks ago, Rubezahl was catapulted into Underhill by the Unseelie Queen Elisavanna. I recommend that you read A Throne of Feathers and Bone before picking up this book as everything is connected. With the formal announcement from the Oracle, who is as mysterious and annoying as always, Kallik is now queen of both Seelie, after her father was assassinated, and now the Unseelie courts after Elisavanna's sacrifice. 

She hasn't found her footing yet when word arrives that Rube is back, and it may take the combine courts efforts to stop him. To make matters even more twisted, the human population has demanded answers to the hundreds of missing humans that have never been found in the Alaskan wilderness. Then there's the whole Rube can come back any time because Underhill must open periodically to ensure that Fae have access to magic. Without the magic, Fae will begin to die. The path forward for Kalli is unknown because nobody has ever made it this far outside of the Oracles predictions.

Instead of careful preparations and training, Alli and her army must rush to Underhill to save the man she loves and the realm. Thankfully, she's resolved her feelings with Faolan, who was named Regent of the Unseelie court. She has her best friend Cinth alongside kicking ass and taking names. Cinth is wonderful, funny, and a bit bossy, but she's there for Alli no matter what. Faolan finally bucks up and becomes the man he needs to be, but as Lugh’s grandson and Alli’s equal. She still has to figure out Adair's part in the murder of her father, and the fact that Adair is pregnant with the heir to the crown. 

The turmoil of emotions is immediately happening and you are on the edge of your seat the whole time. To save the realm she must be willing to give it all up and battle Rubezahl, even Lan. Kallik grow into a fierce warrior from a nobody, an Orphan, a member of no House, and now the ultimate queen. There are some interesting and hilarious side characters to keep your eyes out for like land kelpie Kik. Since the beginning of the series, we have been on a none stop ride and I think readers will be asking a whole lot of questions towards the ends of this book. 

There is a curious epilogue to this story which I refuse to spoil. One could say that the authors are tortured souls who love to leave readers hanging.

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