Wednesday, July 20, 2022

#Review - Gray Witch by Hailey Edwards #Fantasy #Contemporary

Series: Black Hat Bureau # 5
Format: Kindle, 282 pages
Release Date: July 9th 2022
Publisher: Black Dog Books, LLC
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Famous monsters are resurrecting across Mississippi, each one recreating their own gruesome deaths through new victims. Every time Rue pins down one horror legend, another appears with its own bloodthirsty agenda. The summoners raising these vengeful spirits save their best for last, a cruel gift that shatters Rue. But she’s not the only one whose heart gets broken.

Once her father realizes what the summoners have done, who they’ve awakened, there is nowhere they can hide where he can’t find them. After this final betrayal, there are no limits on how far he’s willing to go to bring down Black Hat, the director, and anyone else who gets in his way.

Including his own daughter.

Gray Witch is the Fifth installment in author Hailey Edwards Black Hat Bureau series. As the story beings, Rue Hollis, not her real name, but the name she created after escaping from the Black Hat Bureau 10 years ago, is visiting Astraroth Xan Stavros, High Prince of Hael, and his father Orion Pollux Stavros, High King of Hael where Asa is once again facing challenges to his legitimacy. But when The Boo Brothers seem to rise from their graves, it sends Rue and her team, Clay, Asa, and Colby, on a cross country monster hunt.

“There comes a point where you must stop looking back on the person you were and judging the person you are by their standards. You can’t be two people at once. You’re either New You or Old You. There is no in between. Me? I had a crick in my neck from looking over my shoulder.”

Rue's team is supposed to go after high value targets as she seems to have grown in powers from a Black Witch who tries to use the powers of a White Witch, to something closer to a Gray Witch which gives her powers of both her parents. Rue is still in a rather silly period called fascination where she and Asa are exploring feelings and whether they are compatible or not. I am not a fan of these explorations as it takes away from the job that Rue and her team have been given. It's even more revolting when Asa's father starts sending her presents which if she accepts, she'll never get rid of him.

This story has some feels as well when Rue ends up being one of those targeted. She could not imagine though who the person would be to come for her which leads to her father Saint getting involved and is rage is legendary. It is fair to say that I actually enjoyed this story more than several of the previous ones. Rue is pulled in several directions and seems to be taking one hit after another but her team keeps her focused. After finding out that her father was alive all this time, and discovering that her grandfather wiped her memories of her parents all to better mold her in his image, it's time for Rue to make things right. 

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