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#Review - Frost by C.N. Crawford #Fantasy #Romance

Series: Frost and Nectar # 1
Format: Kindle, 326 pages
Release Date: October 3, 2022
Publisher: C.N. Crawford
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Fantasy / Romance

On the worst birthday of my life, I come home to find my boyfriend in bed with another woman. Within hours, I’m drunk, homeless, and pledging to stay single forever. And that is when the dangerously sexy Seelie King rolls through town, looking for fae like me.

Every generation, the king holds a competition for Seelie queen. But for reasons he won’t explain, Torin is looking for a charade, not a real marriage. So when I drunkenly sling insults his way, I have his attention.

When Torin offers me fifty million to participate, I think, “What have I got to lose?” The answer turns out to be “my life,” because my competition will literally kill for the crown.

And the more time I spend with the seductive king, the harder it becomes to remember it’s all supposed to be fake. Now, my life—and my heart—are one the line.

Frost, by author C.N. Crawford, is the first installment in the authors Frost and Nectar trilogy. 30 years ago, the Fae came out into the open and things changed forever. Fae are the controlling body for all activity on the Human realm. For 26-year old Ava Jones, she was born Fae, but she's not actually allowed in the Fae World. After discovering that her not so happy boyfriend has been in love with a human girl for years, Ava finds herself in between a rock and a hard place. 

After all, she pretty much gave up her life in order to provide for the cheating loser ex-boyfriend, and now she's out on the street, or living on the couch at her best friend Shalini's apartment. To make matters even more twisted, Torin, King of the High Fae, makes an impromptu visit to the Human world where he just happens to stop in the same bar as Ava who is getting drunker than your uncle on Christmas eve. After insulting Torin in front of reporters, Ava finds that she has been chosen to become one of the 101 contestants, 94 from the common fae, and 6 princesses from the 6 clans of Fae, to participate in a contest to become the next Queen of Fae.

While Ava is learning how to survive against brutal competition from the 6 princesses of Fae, she also has to come to grasp that the reality is that she's fae, not human, and she belongs in this world whether she likes it or not. She also has to make a deal with Torin that she will do whatever it takes to win the contest, but there will be no love between the two thanks to a curse that has been placed on Torin. As Torin helps her maneuver through the bride trials, she is met with snarky rivals and a mysterious assassin intent on plucking off the competition.  

The more Ava is in this world, the more she realizes that she belongs here in the wild, and the more she feels for Torin and what he needs to do to save Fae from extinction. Luckily she brings her best friend Shalini with her who provides moral support and comedic relief. Can one compare this story to the Bachelor meets the Hunter Games? Why, yes, yes you can. So, you can expect enemies to possible lovers, a curse hanging dangerously over head, a world that is as dangerous as those living in it, and a banter between characters that will keep you entertained while watching out for twists.

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