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#Review - The Survivor by Iris Johansen #Thrillers #Suspense

Series: Eve Duncan (#30)
Format: Hardcover, 352 pages
Release Date: June 6, 2023
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Source: Publisher
Genre: Thrillers / Suspense

Eve Duncan teams up with archaeologist Riley Smith (from A Face to Die For) to traipse through the remote jungle of Laos in search of an endangered animal species so rare that it has an almost mythical status. With corrupt treasure hunters on their tail, these two kick-ass women will need to risk it all to save this creature from well as to save their own lives.

Eve Duncan and Riley Smith must solve their most exciting puzzle since A Face to Die For when asked to uncover the mysterious secret hidden on a remote island.
When archeologist Riley Smith comes to ask Eve Duncan for help, Eve has to say no. Traveling halfway around the world on a dangerous quest is not her expertise as a forensic sculptor. But Eve is intrigued by the prospect of an isolated island that holds a secret locked in time. 
Traveling to Southeast Asia, Riley is aware of the threat from treasure hunters who are already searching and have no qualms about killing to get what they want. When she successfully evades them and finds the perfectly preserved body of a female warrior, it is just what she needs to entice Eve to help unlock the mystery.  
As these two strong women seek answers about this extraordinary past life, Riley makes a living, breathing discovery that will change history. If she can escape the island and survive long enough to share it with the world. 

The Survivor, by author Iris Johansen, is the 30th installment in the authors Eve Duncan Series. This story begins 5 years ago with Maya Fallon, the caretaker of the Island, stabbing a villain named Aden Nadim in the Forest on Palandan Island in Southeast Asia. 5 years ago, Riley Smith and her father escaped with their lives thanks to Maya and went on to discover Helen of Troy who was sent to Eve Duncan to recreate. As you may or may not know, Eve is a forensic sculpture who has turned the world on its head with her stunning discovers, and her unique abilities to bring the dead back to life.

5 years later, Maya is once again in trouble thanks to men like Bevan and Nadim who really holds a grudge against Maya and are getting too close to discovering two remarkable finds. The first is a female Roman gladiator named Silvana Marcelli who is said to have been caretaker of Palandan Island like Maya. Palandan Island is a paradise untouched by the outside world and people who live here have ties Silvana. Silvana was an Amazon warrior who became a slave who became a fierce warrior before escaping. She amassed a great fortune that she apparently took with her.

The second is a herd of deer that look remarkably like unicorns that is being protected by a little girl named Bailey who Maya has claimed as her daughter. Maya pretty much pushes Riley Smith, who is a renowned archaeologist, into helping her while giving Riley first dibs on finding the burial place of Silvana and and her treasure. But Riley doesn't go anywhere these days without billionaire Morgan Caden whose mission it is to stop human trafficking as well as the illegal hunting of animals. Riley and Caden are working on their relationship and things get curious.

With animal poacher Nadim and former associate Bevan both determined to eliminate Maya and anyone else so they can profit from the spoils, Riley, Caden, and Maya have their work cut out for them. Then there's the arrival of a remarkable man named Finn Kagan. Kagan is a famous Sherpa who leads a group of other Sherpa's who have been trained in the art of being a ninja warrior. The next time you see Maya, things with Kagan may be heating up.

I used to read this series regularly, but got lost along the way to the 30th installment. I would say to go back and read A Face to Die For so you know who Riley is and how she became friends with Eve and her husband Joe Quinn. If you can set disbelief aside and have been following the series this will be an enjoyable read.  

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